Apple Returns to The Fray against Samsung and Asked 2,000 Million Dollars for Patent

If someone believed that the patent war between Apple and Samsung was finished, today a new chapter in a legal war that doesn’t seem to end soon. And it is that although there have been statements both for and against both companies, today the Apple company has become to the Korean attack by designs of its old terminals.
In particular it is the Samsung Galaxy SIII, which it is speculated that it had been redesigned to avoid legal action, and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. As already happened in previous legal battles, they are terminals that are sold not just, but it does not save them from a legal battle.
The aim of Apple clearly is not to make that they no longer sell, it would be a bad less for Samsung, but that directly go to the vile money. Taking advantage of the success they have had they can justify that they have exploited their intellectual property and demand compensation, in particular the Cupertino company requests 2,000 million dollars.
At the moment going to do battle if there was infringement of patents, a result that is unpredictable if we take into account the latest results of the judicial. Even if that reason is given to Apple, does not mean that they will receive all that amount of money. Whatever it is, it seems that it will be the last legal battle.