Apple Photos: OS X Beta Reveals Successor To iPhoto

Since he is so: photos, which at WWDC 2014 announced successor to Apple’s previous albums apps iPhoto and aperture. Published in the Thursday evening X beta version of OS (or operating system)10.10.3 already presented the new app and will soon start in a public beta test.

Apple iPhoto App
You can imagine something like photos, as Apple would have brought the photos app from iPhone and iPad on Mac – of course with a suitable interface and some additional features. Thus you have presented not only a pretty good picture of how photos actually on the Big Mac screen, but also a reference to one of the most important features: photos for OS X and the photos app for iOS go hand in hand.

Photos For OS X

Catch the similarities on the app icon: photos the photo app icon from the iPhone brings that in a round version on your Mac. In the baggage it has of course also all your photos from the iCloud clutter. Your pictures and videos are automatically synchronized between all of your OS X and iOS devices, including all edits.
You can so a fresh your photo directly on your iPhone edit and later on the Mac right there continue, where you heard – on or go back if necessary to the original version of the photo. It may be worth also quite, because the OS X version of the photos app brings some additional and quite practical tools for image editing. For example, there are smart filter regulator, that simultaneously alter multiple individual filters, where you still fine you can adjust if necessary.
On its website, Apple briefly introduces the new photos app on a dedicated page. We will crack the app of course for you at us and highlighting what you of the iPhoto and Aperture’s successor can expect. When exactly you you can get an impression of in the open beta version itself, is still uncertain. Too long can until then but isn’t it, for the final release of the app will be in the spring with an OS X update reports on the verge.