Apple Patent: Are iPhone 6 Camera Lens Replaceable?

Apple has once again visited the Patent Office and introduced a concept of interchangeable camera lenses. Now arises the question whether this will be the technology with the upcoming iPhone in the battle for the best Smartphone camera will draw.

iPhone 6 Camera
Apple’s patent application describes two different fixtures with those lenses and other camera articles could be attached to an electronic device such as the iPhone. In both cases it is mechanical fixings without magnets. Why Apple patented equal to two brackets and how the whole system could work then, results from the application itself:
So a camera component directly on the Smartphone is inserted and can be used as a mounting bracket and the adjusting screw for the second component. A lens is attached to this again then. Now turn this along with the second bracket against the direction of rotation the first fixing the focal length can be set now with a zoom lens.
Patent Application too Late for Next-Generation iPhone?
The ability to attach different lenses on the iPhone 6, would certainly be a selling point for the device and a weighty factor in the next race for the Crown of the best Smartphone camera. So this would be to wish, it is also questionable whether the technology could be used actually in the iPhone 6. First rumors say that the production of the next iPhone had already begun. The patent application would be for the next generation probably slightly too late. On the other hand, Apple has significantly strengthened even our own Department for camera technology…