Apple Launches iPhone Battery Cover for 25 Hours

The iPhone 6S has won a cover with battery backup-only this time, the accessory is official and manufactured by Apple itself.  The Smart Battery Case adds 18 hours of use when the smartphone owner is surfing the internet, according to the manufacturer. The total usage time can reach up to 25 hours when the user uses the phone just to talk.
The Apple case – which also fits the iPhone 6 – is made of silicone and is available in black or white. The protrusion on the back is due to the presence of the battery, whose capacity has not been reported. Anyone who wants to buy the accessory should pay $ 99 in the United States. At today’s exchange, it leaves for approximately 375 reais.
Other manufacturers, such as Mophie, already sell similar models to Apple’s hood. The company has versions with different battery capacities and even with added internal memory, for those who do not have much space on the iPhone. In addition, Mophie cases are available for the iPhone 6 and 6S Plus.
Connecting to iPhone.
The big differential of the Apple accessory for other models of the market, like those of the Mophie, is the connection with the iPhone. As the Smart Battery Case is attached to the Apple cell phone, the battery status is visible on the lock screen and the notification center. The accessory is not yet listed on the company’s Brazilian site and, according to Apple, there is no expected arrival of the cover here.
Extending the battery.
Updating the iPhone 6S, iPhone 6 and earlier models to iOS 9 came full of promise. Among the highlights is the longer battery life, Apple’s response to user complaints about the duration of the charge. You can also test ways to make the battery last longer.
There are a few tips to help you save battery power. Turn off location services, content updates, and push notifications. Then set Auto-Lock to one minute. After that, hide the clock icon in a folder because the service works on cycles that spend battery. It’s also worth to turn off extra sounds, such as keyboard clicks, Wi-Fi(when not in use), and Bluetooth. Set all emails, calendars, contacts and accounts to “Fetch”, which will turn off Push.
IOS 9 also brought low-power mode. When enabled, this feature turns off or reduces scanning for emails, background updates, automatic downloads, and specific visual effects. To activate it, go to “Settings”> “Battery”> “Low Power Mode”.
With so many features available on the iPhone, it is normal for the phone to consume more power. However, to find out if the battery life is in trouble, take a test. Use the phone with everything you have right: surf the internet, play games and edit photos, for example.
Then stop and note what the battery percentage is at the moment. After that, it’s time to leave the phone in stand-by(switched on, but not used). Wait a period of 10 to 20 minutes, and then see how many percent of the battery your smart phone shows at the moment. If the consumption has not changed much, it means that the battery is normal.(AG)