Android Wear 2.0 Developer Preview, The Information

Google has not forgotten presented in the I/o 2016 next innovations that will come to the family of watches Android Wear with first next major upgrade will receive after launching the first version two years ago.
Android Wear 2.0 It will be the next version of the operating system for wearables that reach the clocks at the end of the year and will be based on Android N. This new version will arrive full of important developments which completely renews the interface and makes watches more practical and less dependent on our phone.


  • Standalone applications: Android Wear applications can operate without relying on which our mobile. Clock will directly connect to the Internet by Wi-Fi, network or Bluetooth.
  • New interface: Android Wear 2.0 renews completely all its interface and gesture, premiering new way of screens of clock, new application launcher, new design of notifications and new design settings. Now when we get a notification will be shown on large for a few seconds on the screen, then disappears and reappears during other seconds in small when we look clock by disabling your screen so that is displayed with the screen dimmed. The new interface is the new Material Design for Wearables design guidelines.
  • Customizable information: Now the clock displays will allow us to add small pieces of information of our favorite applications which, in turn, will work as shortcuts. Thus on one side we can see the steps Google Fit with information and on other side view information the water we drank on the day with Lifesum.
  • New input methods: Comes to Android Wear a keyboard and the handwriting as new ways of communicating through Android Wear watches.

Download the previous version

Android Wear 2.0 Developer Preview is now available for the LG Watch Urbane 2 y Huawei Watch. On the website of Google developers are images of factory and instructions to install the next version of Android Wear in these watches.