Android N You Can Open Chrome Tabs in Different Windows at The Same Time

We still do not know its final name, but we already have clear is that one of their most important and interesting news is native compatibility with the multi-view. I.e., the possibility to show several applications at the same time in different windows (floating free size or as divisions of the screen).
The advantages that this entails for the productivity they are evident, especially when we take into account that mobile phones are increasingly large and therefore fit more applications in a single screen. Only applications? No, it will also be possible show different tabs Chrome Windowing.For example, could be filling in the statement of income in an anchored window to the right of the screen, while you reading a manual of how filling your taxes.
This function can be tested in Google Chrome on Android N Preview 3. Chrome menu there is a new element called “move to another window”, which creates a new instance of Google Chrome with the tab in a new window.

Chrome unfolds

Once Chrome is has “unfolded”, nothing prevents you from open more tabs in your new instance of Chrome, similarly to how behaves the browser for desktop version. In fact, if you deactivate the multi-window mode in the system, different instances are kept separate.
As a curiosity, own the Samsung multi-view implementation, available already – and long – on several phones from the company, already allowed and allows you to do this. The good news is that in the future this function will be official and for all, or so we hope.
With the Samsung multi-view you can already put two Chrome face to face
It remains to be seen if the function just reaching the final version of Android N or if it has lost along the way as the dark theme or quick actions.