Android N Developer Preview 4 Some Quick Adjustments Are Not as Fast as before

Who do not seem to useful fast Android settings? You slide the notifications window and in a second you on or off the free Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, put the phone in silence and a myriad of settings more.
As well, the last preview of Android N quick adjustments aren’t as fast as they used to be. For example, by touching on the Wi-Fi icon is not turns on or off the Wi-Fi, but a second screen opens to connect to wireless networks quickly and, Yes, disable or enable the feature.
This new behavior applies also to the Bluetooth / do not disturb button, and does not seem to have convinced users, who have already reported it to Google, which has by now too with 847 props. The comments frequently reads the idea maintain rapid adjustments as on-off switches, and let these additional options for the long press.

To turn on or off: two touches instead of one

This is not the only scare of Android beta testers have found in the fourth preview. Quick adjustment of the calculator does not operate, Although in this case it seems that it is caused by the version of the application of Calculator included in the system. Recall that a new feature of Android is that developers may include their own buttons for quick adjustments, and the calculator is integrated so.
If you think equal to more than 800 people who want that quick adjustments remain on and shutdown / no access to advanced switching, the only thing you can do is therefore show your support and hope to see if Google rectifies before the final version.