Android N Developer Preview 2: Now with Vulkan, Redesign Emojis and More News

As scheduled in the calendar of previous versions of Android, this month was the release of the second installment, and today has been the chosen day. Google has already launched AnDroid N Developer Preview 2.
AnDroid N Developer Preview 2 it comes to add more innovations and to correct the most important faults detected in the first version, as for example that some applications are they paused in the multi-view, troubleshooting with the hidden Wi-Fi networks or failures with the direct response.


  • Vulkan: First A noveltynDroid N Developer Preview 2 found in its graphics. Android N spin the graphic power of our devices thanks to the new low-level graphic API Vulkan, successor cross-platform OpenGL and DirectX 12 Microsoft and Apple Metal rival. Now with the same hardware get better graphics and more fluid.
  • Shortcuts in the launcher: Android N will allow applications to access shortcuts from the application launcher, for example send a message to a contact, navigate home in a maps application, or play the next episode of your favorite series, all without opening the application from the application launcher.
  • New emojis (Unicode 9): Android N Redesigns its emojis to give a more human look. Also added new emojis with support Unicode 9 as the bacon, selfie, face palm or the Valencian Paella. Moreover, as in WhatsApp, skin tone may be changed.

How to upgrade

The best way to upgrade your Nexus 5 X, Nexus 6 p, Nexus 9 or Pixel C is to be targeted to the Android Beta Program. The update will come via OTA. Another option is to manually install the images of factory.