Android N Brings a "Virtual Reality Mode"

Second wave of novelties of the second preview of Android, that still leaves news hidden in the inner workings of your code. We have already had some demonstrations of how they will operate the 3D Touch sensitive screens to the pressure and the synthesis of voice to taste. Now comes the turn to Virtual reality.
The next iteration of Google’s mobile operating system will be ready to support the VR applications. At least is what is deduced from the configuration and options for Android N virtual reality mode, that you have already present in this version of previous developers. And it has nothing to do with Cardboard VR, it goes in the direction of being a platform.

VR helper services and VR mode

Under that name, VR helper services, it is a new menu which will locate the applications relating to virtual reality. Ars Technica teaches it in this screenshot along with a brief explanation of the route to be followed to reach it:–> applications settings: settings–>–> VR special access button helper services.
For the moment, the only thing that appears there is the message vacuum: “any installed application has asked for permission to run as VR helper services”. That points to that it will be a space from which give or withhold access to these services, are those who are and work as work, the great mystery that is in the air.
In addition, among the different strings or lines of the Android N 2 preview function, Ars Technica has also found a reference to a RV mode. In particular, a warning about permits that says that you a particular app “may run when using mode virtual reality applications”.
Relating a little both elements can be deduced, at risk of mistake, that when users are in VR mode, the services of former menu support will allow managing which applications have the right to interrupt and what not this state of total immersion. It pulls us that they notify us messages or emails when we are isolated against the viewfinder? And emergency calls?

All ready for Google VR?

We have a been listening to rumors about push Google to Virtual reality. Already at the beginning of year, Re/code ensured that an exclusive for this type of interface equipment was created with Clay Bavor in command. One of its tasks would be to create a more serious than the simple hardware Cardboard, a road that it took weeks more confirmed sources of The Wall Street Journal.
Android N include this Manager of connected applications and, therefore, an API related to the VR, not confirmed at all that Google will sell their own headset. But yes points to that so-called OS aside, mentioned as Android VR, would rather be more integrated in the next SO common one-piece.
All this, where there is just one month to start the Google I/o 2016, in which should not miss Virtual reality.