Android N 3 Preview Is Presented Officially, and So Will Be The Next Generation Android

Google I/O 2016 would not only bring us news as conversational mode for the search engine and its materialization in device, Google Home, because the Mountain View giant has fulfilled expectations teaching one new pre-release version of Android to rejoice in the afternoon.
The 3 Android N preview is no possibility of us dropping, and that Google had already been announcing prior most of improvements today made official, but not why we were going to ignore which is probably already the version prior to the launch of a promising Android N.
The new Android N Preview 3 keys are very clear, the virtual reality -a place is taking more interest in the 2016 – I/o and certain functions with reminiscences to a Chrome OS increasingly delimited and more prepared for a merger rather than expected of both worlds. When will Android come to the desk with all of the law? Because at the moment we will continue waiting for you…
Google is proud to present us today to the first release considered stable Android N, and in fact the compilation is now available for the Nexus 6, Nexus 5 X, Nexus 6 p, 9 Nexus, Nexus Player Tablet and Pixel C.

Virtual reality is already a reality

The search engine giant has not been oblivious to the huge developments that virtual reality has experienced in recent months, and in fact Google also believes that in the future much of our digital experience held at virtual reality.
Is for this reason that it could not be less, Android will integrate from the Preview 3 today filed a native virtual reality mode, specifically designed to offer the best immersion experience that users expect.
The Google guys have indicated that Android handsets are able to reduce the latency below 20 milliseconds barrier running applications of virtual reality – at least in a nexus 6 p-. As they explain, this is the speed that is needed if we want to really feel the virtual reality as “being in another place”, and not as an attractive but not entirely satisfactory experience.
To do this, Android N prioritize the processes relating to virtual reality When we make use of immersive devices, improving the performance during the experience. We’ll see how it affects this to keep energy consumption and temperature of the smartphone.
In addition, Google is committed to reviewing hardware platforms that can run the mode of virtual reality without any problem, for what the “VR Ready” label that will guide the user to acknowledge what devices can provide a better experience of virtual reality will be created. Or what is the same, there will be a list of minimum specifications that a smartphone must meet to receive the label “VR Ready”.

Less annoying updates

Are still hoping to finish the eternal message of “optimization applications 1/xxx” after installing an update to Android or doing a reboot? Well, we have good news, since Android will inherit Chrome OS updates in the background, It will prevent annoying messages or unwanted waiting users.
From Android 3 Preview 3 installation and optimization of this type of updates will take place transparently to the user, in the background, taking effect when you restart the device and no waiting to use our smartphone.

Less flashy, but equally important news

With an image Google wanted to indicate the rest of improvements that already works with Android N, less striking for a presentation of this type but which deserve mention equally.
Among them you will find new multi-display mode to run multiple applications simultaneously in tablets Android, improvements in the Centre of notifications of OS – if that it can be improved still more-, new APIs, more native languages, new emoticons, etc..
No doubt Google will have a busy autumn, as the majority of new products presented at the central Conference on the Google I/o 2016 they will arrive after the summer, with the new Android N head.
Are already like us very eager to see that Google Play in virtual reality which have left us looking from afar?