Android N 3 Preview Eliminates Dark Subject, Not The Way Night

3D Touch support is not the only thing that has disappeared with the preview of Android N. 3 The new version of the operating system, the first nominated become stable beta, also dark subject moved ahead, that he had been in the two previous development versions here. Again with reverse gear as in Android Marshmallow?
That version to black background with white letter of all screens of the basal layer is no longer available on devices updated to the latest preview and arouses suspicions about that does not reach the version of consumption as happened a year ago. An alternative that Yes you can find in other layers and launchers.
What has not disappeared is the night mode, Despite early reports in this regard. On the contrary, this function that minimizes the lighting so that the screen does not dazzle has become a preferential position, it is now available directly through an own button in the quick settings menu.

New animation of update and limitations in Nexus

By the way, a limitation for users of current Nexus devices. Google confirms Android Police that new system updates in the background that are installed when you restart the device will not work on mobiles and Google Android tablets available so far. Specialized Web they say that things go more and that this new format will not be compatible with any device that do not bring Android N as native operating system.
As a last curiosity regarding what will be and what comes, here it is update of Android N animation you are seeing users who participate in this phase of testing. A circle in shades of blue that is painting and repainting with several uneven strokes.