Android N 2 Preview: Tweaks to The Camera App

One of the most used in any smartphone applications is the of the camera. To date, Android has offered one by default quite efficient but with many gaps and compatibility, so each manufacturer introduces its own app and Google Play is packed with free alternatives and payment.
The preview of Android N 2 has left one new version of the camera application that, if it is indicative of how the final, it won’t stop too satisfied to users who are asking for more, especially to those who have Nexus devices.
Very few changes with respect to the third version, which is already a few months available. Respecting fully the interface, which is one of its strongest points by the clean and clear presenting the scene being photographed. Just shows a simple redesign of the trigger buttons, access to Gallery and change camera, in addition to the Elimination of the framework of the special action buttons.
On the left you can see the new app for Android N camera catches taken by Reddit user nicknamed Little Confuncy, and right of the current version on 6.0 Android Marshmallow.
Therefore, deficiencies that lead to users wanting a little more to continue search alternative. It still does not offer the possibility of ISO, Aperture or white balance adjustments. Some filters that alter the scene, much less a full edit mode are not included.
Stays with its options of HDR, spherical photos, panoramic, slow motion and the blurred effect, the Jack, horse and King that has used Google for your camera. And if it has been enough scraping until today, no improvements, no high expectations that will best.
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