Android N 2 Preview: Answer Messages without Unlocking The Screen

The presentation and interaction with notifications is taking much prominence in Android N. The first version of the operating system brought the grouping and the responses from the notification bar, and this preview 2 goes a step further to the take those same functions up to the locked screen.
Google keeps giving you back how to make use of the smartphone with the least possible amount of gestures, although it seems that you always get to the conclusion that there are to sacrifice some privacy and security to get it.
Thanks to TriguyRN from Reddit user we have seen how the response system works through notifications from the same screen of your phone to lock. A function that cannot be used if before the permissions are not granted: first you have to decide what information we allow to get to the locked screen and then disable write prevention.
This feature appears inactive by default, and you have to give authorization manually to use it. Finally and ultimately a mistake may cause another person to send a response message from your phone in a matter of seconds and without safety ahead.
Keyboard jumps at the moment in which press the answer button. As you can be seen in the first Duet of images, pushes other applications up to make what you see always the message to which it is responding.

Calculator in the Quick Settings toolbar

Another novelty of the Android N 2 preview is the addition of the Calculator application to own State or quick Settings toolbar. It is not a big news because it is something that already offer some layers of personalization of manufacturer or free tools for easy installation.
We are still reviewing all the news about this new version of Android N because most of them will be in the full operating system, which will begin to circulate in the second half of the year.
More information | Reddit, Android Police
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