Android for Work Chosen by Over 19,000 Companies

With a post on Google’s official blog updates us on Android for Work, the solution made by Big G dedicated to companies to adopt the policy BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) through which employees can use your Android device staff also in the workplace, by separating private and business environments managed by Google Apps compatible with the program. This translates into greater flexibility and convenience to the user, who can continue to work using only one familiar device and at a substantial savings for companies that no longer have to provide their employees with corporate terminals.
According to Google, ben 19,000 firms have joined the program, although this number also includes those who are currently testing Android for Work, so the actual figures may be lower.With the arrival of Android 6.0 Marshmallow Android for Work also received upgrades thanks to the new system of permissions and the ability to add new users to the corporate network by exchanging information via NFC. There are also new certificates. Google has also reserved an honorable mention to BlackBerry, which is set to launch its Priv, featuring monthly updates and a high degree of confidence that makes it a Terminal particularly suitable for the enterprise; also mentions are not lacking for other companies like Samsung, SAP, Cisco and F5 BlackPhone.
Finally, Google announced a contest that will identify 3000 companies among those who have adopted or will adopt Android for Work by the end of the year, each will win a new Nexus 5 x.