Android at MWC 2014 in Interviews

With the Mobile World Congress closed it does relatively little, it is never more look a bit back to find out what they say big, not-so-big brands of mobile technology. Throughout the event our colleagues from Engadget have been giving it everything to bring us interviews such marks.
Our microphones have been companies such as Motorola, Sony, Samsung, ZTE, Lenovo and Wiko, among others. They tell us with all luxury of details what is your current sales strategy and leave you to guess what will be the guidelines for the near future pointing immediately to the wearables or accessories wearable.
“We have been generators from trend with the size of the Note and the variant type Mini”
“Battery for LG is not just a commitment but a product philosophy” Elías Fullana of Spain LG “Mediapad X 1 comes as a hybrid with the best of a tablet without giving up a smartphone”, Xavi de la Asunción de Huawei “Two years Chinese brands will be very well-established in Europe”, Jia Wei ZTE “the market will go to the 64-bit and we already have lists platforms” Fustero Eloy’s Qualcomm “have called Bionz to improve their image processing algorithms” Stephen Sneeden of Sony “in Wiko are manufacturers and each country adds value to the brand,” Teresa Acha-Orbea of Wiko
Where would we be now without the HTC One? We have struggled financially last year, but if it wasn’t for the HTC One would have not gone anywhere. With him we have kept us afloat. Scott Croyle, senior Vice President of design at HTC