Amazon Fire HD 8: Handy 8-Inch Tablet in the Test

Test conclusion: what you should know

The Amazon fire HD 8 is a decent everyday tablet at a fair price. The light and thin construction dropped as well as the ease of use and fast Wi-Fi ac. Less well: With heavy use, the battery lasts only seven hours and 45 minutes by that something is in short supply. In addition, the built-in cameras deliver moderate photos and videos. Order this product at Amazon Pro decent image quality thin, lightweight construction storage expandable wireless-ac contra something tight battery life moderate cameras no LTE version available test note of the editorial 3.43 satisfying user rating now assess for many tablet users is a 7-inch device not more than a slightly larger Smartphone. A 10-inch tablet is far too large and heavy others in turn to carry it every day with it. Therefore 8-inch models are compact, handy and equipped with a properly large screen yet the golden mean. As a model, Amazon has now on sale. Can convince the fire HD is equipped with a modified version of Android 8 in the test?

Light, thin construction, proper display

Already at the first touch of the fire HD 8: like it is with 309 grams pleasantly light and with a construction height of 7.92 millimetres comparatively thin. The display shows movies, photos and Web pages with 1280 x 800 pixels that is not great, but OK for a tablet of this price class. The maximum brightness in the test was 489,9 candela per square meter. So something on the screen is is also still with plenty of Sun. Also good: The high contrast (1380-1) and the almost exact representation of colors (92.6 percent color fidelity).

Amazon fire HD 8 in detail

Acceptable pace of work

As drive the mediatek MT8135 processor is used in Amazon fire HD 8, whose four cores if necessary with maximum 1.5 gigahertz bars. The G6200 powervr graphics chip is responsible for image rendering on the display. Too bad: The memory with 1 gigabyte little, slows down so the performance of the processor. This was reflected also in the test: the fire HD 8 completed all tests with an acceptable pace a high Achiever’s but was not. Especially if multiple apps were open, noticeably broke the speed a.

Customized Android

Typical of Amazon tablets: the surface is trimmed on shopping. The fire OS operating system is based on the Android version 5.1 and shows apps like Amazon shop, Amazon video, Amazon music or audible (audio books) prominently featured on the home screen. But nevertheless the operation works simply and easily, users find themselves very quickly right. If there is to complain about something, then it is an in-house development by Amazon. The reluctant working Internet browser silk

The best tablets

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Moderate cameras, short battery life

But also the battery life was not: In the test, the fire HD 8 came only seven hours and 45 minutes without plug from tablets like the Huwaei mediapad X 2 double do more than that with almost 17 hours. Devices such as the mediapad X 2 have also high quality cameras. In contrast to the fire HD 8: the rear lens makes photos and videos only with maximum 4.92 megapixels. The shots are blurred and with falsified colours. This also applies to the camera mounted on the front side, which captures images and video calls with only 0.92 megapixels. However, class: The wireless connection to the Internet via high-speed Wi-Fi ac inasmuch as they already call their own appropriate ac-router. An LTE version for mobile surfing on the net but does not offer Amazon.