Alpine Guide (40)

The Alpine guide shows the way

Who is planning a holiday in the mountains comes around hardly buying an alpine guide for the appropriate area. Alpine guides bridge the gap between pure hiking guides and special climbing guides. The classic field guide issued by the respective Alpine clubs and are limited to a relatively small area. Here, this Alpine Club Guide for know but every stone in the name. This alpine guide to selection guide have some competition, published by numerous publishers are and which concentrate on particularly worthwhile objectives in a larger area. Depending on whether you wants to visit an area frequently, or wants to know the whole Alpine arc, you must make a decision.

What is an alpine guide?

Part of an Alpine Guide to climbing equipment such as the helmet or rope. It provides information about the most important issues in the planning phase. It provides detailed information about the length and difficulty of the tour. Also of course information on accommodation options along the way, like bivouac boxes or Alpine Club huts. Just the Alpine guides of the Alpine clubs offer also background information on the region, the occurring rock or known mountain climber personalities of the area. For non-climbers maybe hard comprehensibly – the reading of an Alpine Club guide exciting to read might like a novel.