Alessia Novelli mia's

Two lawyers and a passion for fashion and creativity: are Alessia Novelli and Gianpaolo Pastro. The idea of ​​the symbol of tie knot is born of bracelets Mia’s collection. Bijoux but also t-shirt.
Fresh, summer, but also perfect to give a little ‘color to gray winter; of different colors, materials and 100% Made in Italy. We’re talking about MIA’s bracelets, the project created by professional groups-and sentimental-formed by Alessia Novelli and Gianpaolo Pastro. Young (under 30 years) after having studied law, Alessia and Gianpaolo decide to give shape to their passion for fashion, creating this line of bracelets, later expanded with a collection oft-shirts, known throughout Italy and at the level international. You know those held together by knots’ iconic anchor ? Here, they are the creators of this summer 2014. phenomenon We met them in Milan, during the party that celebrated the birthday of the brand. We had a chat with Alessia, who told us the story of a passion that became an adventure and today a real success profession…
About two years ago from an idea that we had and I Gianpaolo. Although at the time we worked in a law firm, we decided to create something new, starting from the common passion for fashion andaccessories . Thanks to the web, Facebook and Instragram above all, almost immediately the brand has become a phenomenon. Just from social networks started the network to our stores, that in this way we have loved and known, spread throughout Italy. The first to believe in us were the cities of Milan and Forte dei Marmi.
Do not you have your own brand boutique?
Not yet. At the moment we prefer to focus on another type of distribution, which is not based on the amount, to the mat, but on quality. We do not want to fill the shops with our products: we have chosen a good distribution in strategic locations and selected.

You are recognized (and recognizable) to the iconic anchor. Why did you choose this symbol sailor?
Initially we thought the knot, synonymous of bond: a perfect bracelet to give to those you love, it’s your partner, a friend or even a family member. From here on picktrue, we have tried to identify a closure that was different from the others: thus was born the braided bracelet-node with the anchor, which at the time was not as fashionable as it is today. True, we were the first to propose it again and I admit that today in many ce they have copied. But thanks to our studies in law, our trademark is protected internationally.
Social networks and collaborations with some fashion bloggers have helped you to make your way. What influenced your path in these phenomena?
The fashion blogger influence, but not all have the same weight. We worked with Chiara Biasi when he had not the popularity it enjoys today; other characters and bloggers such as Chiara and Valentina Ferragni have chosen us because they really liked the product, not because it was a phenomenon. What matters is not the character, but the project behind.Moreover, it is said that the collaboration will automatically lead to the sale. Our goal now is to identify and involve foreign bloggers. We are focusing a lot on Brazil.
Why just Brazil?
It ​​is a country completely different from ours, especially from the retail perspective. There does not exist the idea of the concept store where you can find a bit ‘of everything, but it’s research. The categories are as it were divided into two: the little shops and high end boutiques. As we are a handmade product, made ​​by hand but above all made ​​in Italy, we opted for the latter type of distribution. The MIA’s products are created by companies with 100% Italian (Piedmont, editor’s note ) that produce in our country.
How important is the made ​​in Italy in the world today?
It is still very important, but what matters is how much you stated in your country.Foreigners appreciate more a product known in Italy and recognized by the Italians. Have a good image counts for a lot.
Tell us about the MIA’s bracelets.
The first collection was made ​​of acrylic material, designed for the arrival of summer, so that even at the beach and at the beach you could wear without being ruined. The new line is made ​​of 100% cotton and linen, and all the other cuff is distinguished by color and name: being a product that recalls the sea, we thought the most famous seaside resorts of Italy and the world: thus Marrakech, Saint Barth, Panarea, Capri, Saint Tropez, Formentera…
Bracelets but also t-shirt: designed to further expand the line?
It’s an idea, but with today’s crisis would be a risky investment. We prefer to consolidate and focus on those two products: in this way you do not risk breaking the continuity, the customer recognizes and identifies you in the sea magnum of creativity.
There is room for emerging designers in Italy?
I think so. By moments of transition and of crisis like the current reality, even small brands can emerge.
Would you go back to being a lawyer?
I would not say (and laughs, editor’s note). I do not regret my choice of university, but I admit that I would like to do something more related to creativity. However, having done a different path, we jumped, we left to make our creativity and we discovered this field day by day. There is enthusiasm, we have learned what it means communication and at the same time to run the business.