Alert: Helmet-Mounted Camera Could Compromise Safety

Experts investigating the accident suffered by Michael Schumacher found that the use of action cameras installed on the helmet can reduce or even counteract its effectiveness.    According to them, the severity of brain damage in the Formula 1 driver was due to a GoPro branded camera mounted on Schumacher’s helmet.Although this was not the first time that the idea of ​​an action camera having been responsible for the severity of the Formula 1 driver’s injuries was first raised, the GoPro brand was specifically mentioned for the first time. With the news, the company’s shares in the stock market fell 10% this Monday(13).According to French Formula 1 commentator Jean-Louis Moncet, in an interview with Europe 1 radio, the problem with Schumacher was not the fall itself, but the assembly of the camera in the helmet, which caused a rupture in the helmet, which compromised his brain.An article written by journalist Alexandra William in the British newspaper The Telegraph, written shortly after the accident, reported that Schumacher’s helmet was crushed during the crash while the camera and its assembly. According to experts interviewed,”a solid object between the helmet and the collision region can compromise its structure.”ENSA technicians, the French Federation of Skiing and Climbing have since conducted crash tests to determine whether the presence of a solid object as an action camera could compromise the efficiency of the helmet.”Schumacher’s helmet was completely destroyed, divided into two parts. We looked at each piece of the helmet looking for material faults, but nothing was found,”said one of ENSA’s experts.”But then, why did the helmet literally explode on impact? There comes the question of the camera. We are now working to see if the camera would have weakened the structure. So far, everything indicates that yes”, completes.