Alcatel Pixi 3 (8): First Windows Tablet with Built-in Phone and Navi

That all people a small French Chinese manufacturers such as Alcatel at CES 2016 has a world first, would have probably expected none. But in fact that is now presented Alcatel pixi 3 (8) not only a cheap 8-inch tablet with built-in LTE Mobile. But also the first tablet with 10 Windows mobile, the Microsoft operating system, exclusively on smartphones like the Lumia 950 XL to find was.

Why Windows mobile for 10?

No start menu, no desktop apps: the mobile version of Windows 10 provides less functionality than the full-fledged Windows 10, which can be found on larger tablets, notebooks or desktop pcs. However, there are arguments for Windows 10 mobile: for one it works even on slower processors such as the Qualcomm Snapdragon in the Alcatel pixi 3 (8) 210 quite liquid. On the other hand the operation is designed completely for small screens so very comfortable manages the operation on a 8-inch display. The exact opposite to previous 8-inch tablets with Windows 8, where some program menus often only with Lupe and pointed stylus were operable. Vittorio di Mauro, General Manager Smart connectivity at Alcatel onetouch, praising in particular the tabletfreundliche start menu. The third reason: You can make mobile phone calls with the Alcatel pixi 3 (8) (also without headset), so strictly speaking, it could pass for a world’s largest Windows Mobile phone. The integrated mobile wireless module dominated GSM (quadband), UMTS 900 and 2100 mhz and all commonly used currently in Germany of the LTE frequencies. With an appropriate SIM card (microsim) and data plan you can thus also in the Internet surfing.

The best tablets

Leaderboard: tablet computer

As Navi and Office-tablet to use

A mobile radio module especially with LTE is at other tablets 200 euro class exception, also in terms of Android. Also GPS is missing from many cheap tablets. Thus the Alcatel as Navi is good for car or if on foot, thanks to the pre-installed Windows maps app maps of virtually all countries worldwide at home via Wi-Fi download and offline store on the device, optionally directly onto a memory card instead of the very limited internal memory. The Windows cards app was able to convince in the practice on Smartphones, displays traffic congestion and provides good voice prompts in the car. Search for POI’s not reached the level of Google maps but. Word, Excel, powerpoint and onenote are pre-installed.

Savings facilities for processor and display

The other facilities, however, is although skinny, but quite extensive for a one dough equipment. After all, are two cameras (rear 5 megapixel, front 2 megapixel), Bluetooth 4.1 yet. The 210 processor Qualcomm Snapdragon belongs to the entry-level. He works with four cores (up to 1.3 ghz), filed at the entry-level Smartphone Lumia 550 after all for smooth operation. One megabyte memory and eight gigabytes of internal memory (can be used around 4 GB, expandable via memory card up to 32 GB) are installed. The integrated battery pack has a capacity of 4060 mah. Although the tablet display much larger screen of Lumia 550 (8 instead of 4.7 inches) is that the resolution is identical: 1280 x 800 pixels, so the small HD resolution. For normal operation, this is standard enough and in this price range. But who has sharp eyes and with small font on the Tablet without zoom wants to read PDF documents or Web pages, should spend more and more money for a tablet with a fullhd display.