Achadões: Joy and Awareness of Insecta Shoes

One of the things that makes me have faith in humanity is to look around and realize how many people are committed to changing the world for the better. For every Donald Trump talking nonsense and distributing hate, certainly has a Michelle Obama preaching acceptance of differences.
But you don’t even have to go that far. Today is Achadões day here on UASZ and today is one of those provinhas that the world gives us that Yes people, doing good things, just inches away from us.
I’m a long time to talk about Insecta for you because she is really nice. After all, how can you not love a shoe company that uses clothes used and recycled pet bottles to produce vegan shoes full of personality?
The Rio brand was born in 2014 and with only a year to live, had already reused more than 500 pieces of vintage clothing in the production of its shoes. Besides being super eco-friendly in its processes, the Insecta still concentrate all your production in Brazil, favoring the development of the local economy and practicing fair trade.
The pains of them with sustainability is such (and so beautiful to see) that until the mark is sustainable. Yes! The company calculates the CO2 emissions produced by electricity generated by the site’s servers and, by your account, the equivalent amount of trees to neutralize that carbon.
If all this isn’t enough to make you fall in love with the brand, their shoes are still beautiful to live comfortable and just them. Wait I’m going to show you. Bora?
Oxford abertinho with blue flower print in off white background SUPER CUTE for R$269,00 here.
Sandal beautiful, fresh and perfect for hot days. And what is this polka dot print? Sai’s thing. By R $259.00 here.
Oxford comfy printed with beautiful live mini dancers. VERY CUTE. By R$279,00 here.
For the lazy days, better thing that can exist is shoe without laces. If it is beautifully and vegan, even better. By R$279,00 here.
And since we’re in winter, always nice to have a bootie Geek of all trades PB, but full of personality, huh? This beauty is R$289,00 here.
Finally, just for you that is not a big fan of prints, the Insecta also has a lot of cool thing lisa. Type this Bootie no laces super charming in jeans. By R$289,00 here.
Enjoyed? Fell in love? So enjoy this talented people to follow and the Urges as well (here).
And just a reminder, if you know cool brands, and of good, leave your tip here in the comments so we can make a post with her too!