Acer Liquid Z630: Price-Performance Blockbuster in the Test

Test conclusion: what you should know

The Acer liquid Z630 is a cheap Android alternative to the similar-sized iphone 6 plus. Display sharpness and case processing are not sharp, but adequate. The equipment can be seen with LTE, dual-SIM, battery and expandable memory. There’s an unbeatable reason to buy: the battery life is record-breaking, nearly twice as long as at the top Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S6. In the test, only the camera was disappointing. Thus the Acer liquid is the first device for less than 200 euros Z630 (Status: January 2016), which in the laboratory test the note “good” achieved. Best price on the Internet: 179.00 Euro * order this product at Amazon giant battery Pro LTE dual-SIM interchangeable memory expandable neat display threesome processor against weak cameras cheap housing Testrating editorial 2,59 satisfying user rating now write a.

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LTE, dual-SIM, huge battery, decent 5.5-inch display and a fast processor for 200 euro where is the hook at the liquid Z630 Acer? Acer liquid Z630: Android Smartphone for 200 euros in the test at first glance resembles the Acer liquid Z630 a cheap Android alternative in the Apple format: the Smartphone is not quite as high as the iphone 6 plus, with 8.7 millimeters but about 2 millimeters thick. Given its size, it is easy with 163 grams. That does not come from about: the housing is not scratch-resistant plastic, and at one of the test units dissipated the glued-on Acer logo on the back. The device sits comfortably in the hand all corners of liquid Z630 are rounded and the lightly textured back gives sufficient grip the Smartphone. Complete almost all the elements with the case, only the camera back slightly protruding. This makes anything flashier than what is already prominently placed speaker above the display. Good: The battery can be changed.

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Only HD? Setu!

The IPS display of the Smartphone measures 5.5 inches (13.97 cm) and resolves to HD 1280 x 720 pixels (pixel density: 267 ppi). Newer competing devices like the Samsung Galaxy S6 have a quad HD resolution of 2560 x 1440 resolution. Which is however not absolutely necessary for a good picture, as the Acer shows: despite the low number of pixels, the sharpness is sufficient, the rich colors come across strongly. To read scrutiny on PDF documents you had wished for more but quite a few pixels at 5.5 inches. There is hardly a depending on the angle of view when looking at the display. The brightness is satisfactory in practice to the default settings of 50 percent of maximum strength from 80 percent to dark and only. The laboratory test confirms this impression: the maximum brightness of 370 candela/square meter on the value of the iphone 6 plus (507 candela) does not match. The contrast could be also slightly higher. Positively, on the other hand: The operation of the display by tapping and wipe feels very precise on.

A really thick battery

The battery of liquid Z630 is huge (3,900 mah) and held in the test record long: the battery for intensive use under laboratory conditions survived 17 hours and 15 minutes long. At low usage, he made it to 52 hours and 17 minutes. That alone enough many as reason to buy for the Acer liquid Z630! With these values, the Smartphone can be almost all competitors behind, as shown in the overview about the battery endurance. The term is almost twice as long as at the top Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S6. Only the Samsung Galaxy touch 3 neo can any longer.

Games processor

In the liquid Z630 Acer used a quad-core processor from Mediatek, which pulses with up to 1.3 ghz. The graphics chip Mali T720 helps out when calculating the pixel. Graphics-blockbuster accomplished the device easily: as for example the graphically challenging game is running trials frontier absolutely liquid and looks super. In the laboratory, which scores Z630 liquid with its high performance and operating and working speeds. The Acer performs poorly in synthetic benchmark programs, in everyday life, the pace of work sufficient, but loosely.

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Scarce space expandable

The Smartphone runs on the older Android 5.1 lollipop. This is a shame, because Android 6.0 would help the newbie to eliminate one of its biggest weaknesses: little memory is freely available on the device factory with 8.74 gigabytes of 16 gigabytes. Android 6 you park by default apps on the memory card, see Android 5.1 let move possibly later individually on the map. After all, the internal memory via a microsd card up to 40,74 gigabyte can be extended. Memory of liquid Z630 includes ordinary 2 gigabyte.

Dual SIM and LTE

The device supports a dual-SIM function for two microsim cards and white with Wi-Fi, to bypass Bluetooth 4.0 and the fast data link LTE. NFC mastered it. The transmission and reception of UMTS and LTE were good in the laboratory test, voice quality and reception were also a good value. In hands-free mode there was slight errors.

Flagging cameras

The main camera convinces with its 8 Megapixels resolution at outdoor shots not. The photos are always too dark, in the distance, the Smartphone absorbs very out of focus objects. A middle distance the snapshots look crisp slightly better, but they are not sharp. Close-ups in closed rooms are also dark and the camera takes sports scenes with a low fuzziness. In all cases, a clear picture noise occurs. Under laboratory conditions, the camera in daylight with a high technical quality of the photo is waiting. In low light conditions, however, the mentioned points of criticism drop more in the eye. For images with Flash that makes liquid Z630 objects much sharper dar and the colors look even stronger than the Flash photos of the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge. However, the noise does not have the only adequate quality of the main camera deceives across. The front-facing camera also offers 8 megapixels. Selfies characterized by a noticeable noise and slightly distorted colors, for a quick self portrait, the performance is still satisfactory. You record videos in full HD with 1920 x 1080 pixels. Also visible blur tarnish the pleasure of camera. Sample pictures, also from the comparison device Samsung Galaxy S6 edge, see the article for the download.
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