Acer Committed to The Gaming on Android, So Is Your Tablet 8 Predator

Companies like Electronic Arts have already ventured to predict that tablets will reach the power of consoles within three years. With this evolution in power it is also normal that the catalogue of games of Android is getting more interesting, that has already led to more than one company to bet on devices that try to take advantage of it.
After the success by proposals like the Nvidia Shield Tablet, Acer has wanted to join them showing a new Predator 8 in Computex 2015. Its features are still almost unknown, but their main bets seem to be using one of the latest Intel processors and one aspect that shouts the word “gamer” to the four winds.
This new Acer Predator 8 will be a 8 inch tablet that you will use the processor Intel Atom x 7 “Cherry Trail”, the SoC’s 14 most powerful nm from the company for mobile devices, equipped with the same graphics Intel HD Graphics processors Intel Broadwell, and that it is the same with which Microsoft decided to equip their Surface 3 tablet in March.
At the moment this is all that is known about the Tablet, so it will be waiting for that Acer launch it officially to be able Learn about aspects such as the RAM memory and the capacity of your battery, they will also be key to find out to what extent the union between Acer and Intel will be able to make Nvidia worry in its own grounds.