Accessories in High

Jewelry and accessories have always been part of the masculine universe, but it is known there because they have been losing fashionable space. It is true that the most stylish and daring never had much for that, say Johnny Depp and Keith Richards.
Often synonymous with rebellious rocker and hippie the accessories can also be stylish and unobtrusive.
Men’s growing interest in fashion has brought new gas to the aftermarket and that means it has every pocket and taste. New brands, estlistas and ways to use the most classic or the most funky pieces.
Not to miss the hand, after all is not everyone who knows how to mix pendants like Depp and Richards , just do not overdo it and go slowly feeling like it is. The mirror is your friend.
On more formal occasions bet on cufflinks, today in bold and fun formats, which should match the material and tone of the watch (if you use one, which I support).
If you bet on rings, go with steel and silver, and if you insist on stones, look for onyx and turquoise. Strong, muscular figures like eagles and skulls are always liberated, but casual.
Bracelets and bracelets are the ball of time for some time now. Leather, rubber, rope, steel, line and often various materials combined. The most popular brand today is the American Miansai. They are very inspired by the nautical universe and have become a world fever.
The necklaces are also strong in the taste of “boys” and among the most requested the thirds and scapulars. Lines, leather and silver are the most commonly used materials and elements such as skulls as well. To cite an example of who can do it, here comes Ryan Gosling again! Stylish like no one, he wears his house keys in a thin chain hanging from his neck.
Around here the men are still coming on the wave and most should follow the discreet line, but if you are bold you can be at ease. In fact, if it is bold or necessary to say anything.
Are you a little suspicious and do not know yet if you like? How about taking a chance and starting with something more conventional and discreet? Leave the prejudice aside and find something that fits you. There is no shortage of good options and it’s just not worth feeling uncomfortable.