Accessories for Autumn

Knitted scarves, ylleslipsar and leather gloves. Fall is full of lovely accessories. For further guidance in this jungle of accessories, here are some inspiration.

An indispensable symbol of style that works just as well in the jacket that go with the outer coat. Sidenvarianterna is particularly suitable in combination with coarser materials such as tweed or flannel. A clearly underrated variant is pocket squares in kashmir or finer wool. Unfortunately, they are also quite rare.
The scarf
To focus on quality when it comes to outerwear, and then dress up with cheaper accessories is something of a cliché in the world of fashion. Often quite inaccurate. A scarf of finer wool quality that kashmir is an investment for life in terms of how long it can be used will be significantly cheaper than buying new every season. In addition, breathing finer woollen fabrics, making them better suited for early autumn as well as biting cold in the winter.
The tie
For those who feel uncomfortable in the bow tie is ylleslipsen a sharp alternative. Elegance for everyday life.
Leather goods
The advantage of bags and leather goods is that they often are completely independent of season. Therefore, they are also very grateful to use. For the truth is that a brand new leather bag is pretty boring. Charm sitting in patina.
The stockings
To select non-black stockings does not necessarily mean twisted color combinations. To subtly match socks in Brown, Burgundy, dark blue or grey shades makes a big difference to the overall impression.
The gloves
How much a nice pair of leather gloves than can brighten an outfit is, unfortunately, an accessory that is very easy to lose. To stop them in ytterrockens breast pocket not only reduces the risk to forget them on the bus or restaurant but is also a really nice detail.
The difference between being avid and snowbound may be subtle, but a braided leather belt is still exactly what your wardrobe needs.
The hat
Wearing a hat is a true art, and above all, something that takes time to learn. For those who don’t quite feel ready is a tip a colorful knitted CAP, which the drama out of a decently dressed up outfit in a flippant manner. For those who are skeptical, see the film Life Aquatic.
The personality
An accessory is always much more exciting if it is personal, unique. Whether it’s a pair of well-worn cufflinks, striking glasses or a quirky bow tie, it is important to make it his own hallmark.