Abdominal Muscles Definition and Function

The abdominal muscles, along with supporting back muscles of the skeleton. A customized training is an important part of any successful training program for prevention, health, competition sports and rehabilitation.

What Abs Are There?

Abdominal muscles that cover the area between the lower part of the chest and upper hips and mid-body ends and lumbar behind the other. The muscles are located not only at the front, as is often assumed, but also on the sides and the rear of the fuselage. The muscles systems that exhibit a cross-shaped voltage, allowing movement and consists of the following muscles:

  • The straight abdominal muscle
  • The external oblique
  • The internal oblique
  • The transverse abdominal muscle

The Straight Abdominal Muscle

The straight abdominal muscle is about 40 cm long and consists of two muscles, which are located to the left and right of the center line of the hull. Each grappler is about 7 cm wide, rises on the cartilage of the ribs and by a strong tendon attached to the pubic bone. It consists of eight muscle bellies as with the straight abdominal muscle actually get an “eight-pack” instead of a six pack. The main function of the straight abdominal muscle is to lift the hull when the jaws are fixed.

The Oblique

The external oblique above the internal oblique and covers it completely. It runs from the outside of the lower ribs and the pelvis to the white line. The internal obliques goes up from the iliac crest to the lower ribs. By connecting the oblique muscles on both sides of the body straight abdominal muscle supported. They thus become trained in the implementation of the “basic crunch.

The Transverse Abdominal Muscle

The transverse abdominal muscles are completely covered by the slant. It is the deepest layer of abdominal muscle.The fibers attach themselves like a bandage around his waist. This muscle has a particularly good stabilizing function and carries a good workout in the formation of the waist. Because this muscle acts like a corset, he is the only abdominal muscles you can get a flat stomach.