A Mobile Charger for Europe

The European Parliament Has Passed A Law for Uniform Cell Phone Charging Cable
Finally, AUS, it means end soon for the clutter, which winds through Europe’s drawers. The European Parliament has voted on a bill according to which all smartphones and tablets that are sold in the EU, in the future are to be equipped with a single mobile phone charging cable.
Unified mobile charger in the EU declare war on not only the cable clutter, they reduce a lot of garbage – all 51,000 tons of e-waste are to be avoided as per year in Europe. The law will enter into force starting in 2017. For single cell phone charging cable in the EU 550 members voted with a clear majority, 12 were against uniform cell phone charging cable and 8 abstained in the vote. “This is good news for consumers and for the environment. So we can avoid 51,000 tons of waste a year to home cable clutter and in the environment”, S & D press officer had communicated Barbara Weiler.
After the positive vote on the Europe-wide introduction of a standard for mobile phone charging cable, the EU Member States have two years to implement the agreed legislation into national law. The manufacturers of the mobile charger is a little more time: have another year, to prepare for the mandatory application of the directives – 2017 it should be if so then finally with the single cell phone charging cables in Europe. After the European Parliament has opted for single cell phone charger, must still formally adopted by the EU Council’s decision and the Commission formulate the uniform standard for the manufacturers of the mobile charger, and define which device classes from the decision are affected. Still unanswered is the question of how it actually looks with the adapters in? We will see…

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