A Londoner among the Best in the World on Bmx

Brazil Has Six Riders At The BMX World Championship In The Netherlands, Which Began On Wednesday And Continues Until Sunday

Londoner Júlia Alves is among the best riders in the world in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, to compete in the BMX World Championship, the most important event of the sport. This year’s competition is even more important, as it will count points for the BMX ranking for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.
In addition to Julia, Brazil is represented by Renato Rezende, Miguel Dixini, Rogério Reis and Priscilla Carnaval and Anderson Ezequiel. Cyclist Bianca Quinalha suffered a rib injury and returned to Brazil for treatment. Brazilians compete with athletes who carry Olympic medals and world titles on the curriculum.
The main Brazilian athlete in the competition is Renato Rezende, who will compete with 105 athletes for the title. He is among the top ten in the world ranking. He represented the country at the 2012 Olympics in London and this year he was fifth in the Berlin stage of the World Cup, the main national result of the season, and silver in the Pan American.
In the Netherlands, the women’s event will be played by 40 athletes. Londoner Júlia Alves, less experienced in the group, is participating in the junior category in her third international competition. In March, she won second place in the International Festa de Ambato, Ecuador. In May, he returned to the country to play the Pan-American and South American games in Quito, but ended up suffering a fall and could not compete.
In recent years, BMX has been one of the most evolved cycling disciplines in the world.”We are investing and working with several BMX projects that are already giving good results, in addition to helping to leverage the discipline more and more in Brazil,” says the president of the Brazilian Cycling Confederation (CBC), José Luiz Vasconcellos. The modality is part of the Plano Brasil Medals and has two athletes contemplated with the Bolsa-Atleta Podium, Thaynara Morosini and Renato Rezende.


Preparation for the World Cup was intense. With a training period in Brazil, the athletes went to international exchanges. Acclimatization was performed in advance, with trainings in the city of Chula Vista, United States, and Aigle, Switzerland. In Europe, the riders took part in ten days of training at the World Cycling Center (CMC) before heading to Holland on the 20th. Here at bicyclebazzar you can get more different models of the cycling fashion.
The Brazilians had the opportunity to prepare themselves on a track with the same characteristics as those used in the main international competitions that the riders face in the Olympic Games and the World Cup. The athletes sought to improve physical and technical preparation by means of exchange of experience with elite athletes of the world circuit.