9 Tips to Be Healthy Every Day

Since I started the project #FFfit care more about matters related to healthy living, diet and exercise. I think it’s very important to take all of this in a good, not as if it were an obligation, but rather turn this into a lifestyle habits to learn to be healthy every day and not just in the month of the diet right! I say this because I’m already incorporating some habits in my life and I see very positive results.
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For example: I traveled with friends on holiday and couldn’t eat healthy at every meal and do exercises in the morning, while everyone was sleeping, for example. But I didn’t do it for obligation and because I feel good! Of course there’s no way you never give your hand in the cookie jar, you’re always going to have a day that you can’t go to the gym time, but the idea here is to think healthy, then separated 9 super practical tips for you to be healthy every day that make all the difference.

1-be on the move

-Look for any type of activity that you leave on the move: may be cycling to work, walk up and down the stairs instead of the elevator, dance like crazy on your favorite playlist, or even program the cell phone alarm to get up every 1 hour from your desk and take a walk.

2-cool temperature

-Prefer warm baths, or if you love a good bath boiling, turn down the temperature in the last 2 minutes. This improves the appearance of your skin and hair follicles of hair–you get a saudáve appearance every day!


-Pay attention to your body throughout the day, has the habit of stretching from time to time, especially when I wake up. This causes your blood circulation improves and you can spend more time in the same position at work.


-I’m not talking about hair, but drinking water every day: start with a glass of water during the day, when you realize you’re going to ingest the optimum amount. A good tip is to start drinking a glass of water half an hour before each meal and also a couple of drinks on an empty stomach! Because our body often confuses hunger with thirst.

5-lemon water

-A glass of warm lemon water with a squeeze of lemon every morning reduces the risk of inflammation, poor digestion, gives more energy and prevents colds.

6-improve Posture

-A lot of pain in the body and blood circulation problems are a reflection of bad posture throughout the day, begin sitting a little closer to the computer, with the spine straight. Did you know that even your daily headache and bad mood may be consequences of your posture?

7-Enjoy the food

-Many bad habits like pinching all afternoon in the office are difficult to lose because we’re not used to the fact of enjoying the food-we ate by hobby. Separate the mealtime to eat calmly, slowly, focus on the taste of food and enjoy the moment.

8-take a break for your eyes

-It is recommended that every 20 minutes on the computer, you rest your sight for at least 20 seconds-just look for anything further! You’ll notice that fatigue and headache will decrease considerably, and every 1 hour, take a walk.

9-sweet dreams

–You have to learn to sleep as your body needs-sleep a little less can be an indicator of why your health’s bad. Understand what are the best times to wake up and also to sleep, calculate about of 7 to 8 hours of daily sleep to wake up with a lot of energy!

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