8 Reasons Why a Chronograph Is the Right Watch for You

A chronograph is not just an additional function beside the time display.He also embodies his own watch genre full of icons like the TAG Heuer Monaco or the Omega Speedmaster Professional . Here are 8 reasons why the short time knife in the form of a watch is the perfect choice for you.

1. You Guess If You Know What Awaits You.

Few other watches in watchtutorials.org combine the mechanical principle of operation with this particular stylistic language, which instantly shows us a chronograph as such. At the same time, the functionality is universal: 90% of all chronographs are started, stopped and reset to zero, which also makes the operation of unknown chronograph models self-explanatory.

2. You Are Of The Opinion That A Complicated Clock Does Not Have To Cost Several Gross Containers At The Same Time.

Since chronographs are so popular and therefore relatively frequent, it is easy to forget how complicated the mechanics of chronographs are. In addition to the actual clock – namely, balance, escapement, wheel gear and elevator mechanism – the chronograph module is a separate mechanical unit, so you buy two chronographs by purchasing a chronograph. The reason for the unbeatable price-performance ratio lies in the comparatively high production numbers. This is especially true for models that use supplied chronographs from manufacturers such as ETA. With brands such as Hamilton, Longines or Junghans, a small technical masterpiece can be obtained from higher three-digit or lower four-digit euro sums, which, with regard to its complexity, can be measured with perpetual calendars and other  Grandes Complications  which are only to be found in very different price conditions.

3. You Admire The Lifestyle Of Icons From The Golden Era Of Racing.

Ayrton Senna, Jochen Rindt, Juan Manuel Fangio and many other famous racing pilots made no secret of their fascination with high-quality chronographs. Some models still bear the surname of those motorsport sizes, on whose wrists they were once seen. The “Jochen Rindt” Autavia or the “Paul Newman” Rolex Daytona named after the Austrian Formula 1 World Champion in honor of the former racing driver and actor are just two examples from a series of legendary chronograph models, not least because of their famous owners Themselves became an icon.

4. A Watch Is For You The Ultimate Men’s Toy.

Are you always ready for spontaneous betting and competition, will you be able to play even the stupid Battles? Then your chronograph will decide again and again about victory and defeat. Your medium steak is to be fried on both sides exactly 130 seconds long and your breakfast tea must pull exactly one and a half minutes? A chronograph helps to put your carefully combined experience into practice. In short, a chronograph is the ultimate man’s toy. Certain things are simply not left to chance.

5. You Value The Application Diversity, Which Can Originate From A Single Complication.

Few other complications are as versatile as those of the chronograph.Thus, the average speed can be determined using a corresponding dial scale (tachymeter) or the distance to a thunderstorm (telemeter). On other chronographs, the frequency of the heartbeat was read (pulse), which is why these models were called Doctor’s Watches.

6. You Are Inspired By The Interplay Of Many Design Elements.

Design-Minimalism nice and good, but actually you like watches, where the visual stimulus is set a little higher. Compared to most other watches, chronographs, with their usually two or three auxiliary dials, distinguish themselves by a combination of many different design elements, which together only make up the very special aura of a chronograph. Some details do not appear until after years. The complexity of chronograph dials also has a further advantage: it makes the counterfeiting more difficult and opens up a variety of orientation points that help distinguish a genuine watch from a spurious one.

7. Wearing A Watch Also Includes A Haptic Component.

Chronographs are far more than small gadgets, with which time can be stopped. On the contrary, the experience horizon when wearing chronographs extends over several levels and includes a haptic component in addition to the design. As a watch lover you just have to love the subtle cracking when starting and resetting to zero. And also the mechanical resistance, which is transferred directly from the clock to the finger when pressing the Chronodrücker, can be compared with few watches.

8. You Are Fascinated By The Aesthetics Of The Mechanics Of A Watch.

If you are fascinated by mechanical movements, you simply have to love chronographs. Few watches allow a similar breathtaking view of the heart of the watch, which is complemented by a multiplicity of wheels, levers and other components compared to the typical three-hour watch.