8 Battery Tips for Ios 8

The new iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 plus are not Akkuwunder. With the correct settings, you will extend the life of your iPhone, but also your iPads significantly.
Despite the many changes you must see iOS 8 again abstain from a power-saving mode. Therefore, we show you how to just upgrade the mode and unmask nasty battery-wasters. Our tips we waive often featured extremes of disabling all data and radio communications-the iPhone should remain ultimately functional.

Check The Battery Power Of The Installed Apps

First, check whether an app consumes lot of power. Navigate to the settings to “General|” Use | Battery use”. iOS 8 shows you all apps that eat away at the battery via percomputer.com and how much juice really consume them.
However, you should make no mistake: when you surf as much on the Web, Safari will take the most energy consuming. But this doesn’t mean that Safari uses too much power—they had only the longest open the app. The values should therefore critical, consider and more abnormalities make sure-as if you have used an app just a few minutes, this still makes up a large part of the Akkuverbrauchs.

Restrict Site Access Of The Apps

To reduce the battery consumption of the apps, you should disable targeted site access. Alternatively you could while also completely turn off GPS, with this method you waive but voluntarily security features such as the tracking option.
To remove the rights from the apps, navigate to “settings |” Data protection | Location services”. Tap the appropriate application and then select “Never”.In addition, you should customize the options under “System services”: easily switch off can include the dots “Diagnosis & use”, “Location based iAds” and “Traffic”.

Reduce Screen Timeout And Brightness Control

In many iPhones, the display is active for several minutes, although it is not used and that consumes lot of power, because the screen is one of the biggest energy wasters in your Smartphone. You should as far as possible reduce therefore the display timeout. IOS, it is not possible, however, separated from each other to regulate timeout and screen lock. You must therefore under “General |” Change auto-lock. In addition if the brightness under “settings |”Reduce display & brightness”.
Please see our more battery tips Photo Gallery–More to iOS 8 you will receive in our large Overview.