720p High Definition Camera: Really Worth Buying?

Let’s talk about high definition camera?
With the technological advance in the area of CCTV (Closed Circuit or internal Television), the traditional analog technology will have a decrease in its production.
The reason is clear: New technologies with image enhancements (HD-CVI, HD-TVI and AHD) aretaking over, with better image definitions.
Old camera systems such as NTSC and PAL with 380, 420, 540, 600 and 700 lines are already being replaced by the new high resolution camera from TVI, CVI, AHD and SDI.

720p High Definition Camera Really Worth Buying
As a result, coaxial cable, which is much in demand for its advantages, will gain more space from this new world of technologies, guaranteeing a high resolution using the same infrastructure.
The integration of this technology will surprise the projects in a positive way ensuring the reduction of the amount of cables indispensable for the installation of cameras.
As usual we will have to “detach” from the old 600tvls cameras, which with the emergence of the new, will be more difficult to find and your investment over time will not be worth it.
If we look today, the main cameras on the market are the hybrid of Intelbras.
Nowadays, we see 720p cameras and 1080p FULL HD cameras being sold at very affordable prices and having a picture quality far superior to analog.
Here you can get a price idea: price list of the cameras.

Is It Necessary To Use 720p High Definition Camera?

Well, if you are in search of excellent service, I believe that using high definition camera will bring you many advantages.
A basic difference between the analog system and the HD system (which is also analog), is the rich choice in detail of the image.
For example, with 720p (or 1080p) cameras , you can zoom in and have more information about physiognomy, or you can filter details into a cash box.
To achieve such a digital zoom feature, a high resolution is required, otherwise the video image may have problems at the time of recognition.
With the arrival of new technologies several types of high resolutions appeared, such as:

  • Full HD;
  • 3mp
  • 5mp
  • 8mp
  • 12mp

And the creation of new resolutions do not stop.
Now you’re not hostage to using high-cost IP cameras from deluxesurveillance to have high-definition images in your electronic security projects.

High Resolution CCTV Is Not The Privilege Of IPS Systems

As mentioned above, it is no longer unique to IP technology for high image quality.
The new technologies, TVI, CVI and AHD are responsible for bringing a good image definition at a very affordable price, thus ensuring an increase in the safety of families.
But Companies And Manufacturers Of CCTV Do Not Want To Stop.
It is speculated that very soon, we will start working with cameras 3mp, 5mp ( Hikvision already produces ) and some believe that even 8mp.
Best of all, these technologies use the same cabling as previous (analog) cabling.
This makes it easy to change and makes it unnecessary to have to change the whole installation, making the cost of the appliances much cheaper.
Little is known about the distinct details of the operation of new technologies, but the commitment is that it is likely to use the traditional RG59 cables to transmit 5mp images over a distance of up to 600 meters.


By using a 720p high definition camera, you provide extra security for you and your family.
The most cost-effective brands today are Intelbras and Hikvision.