7 Secrets To Being Beautiful Even Without Makeup

Be beautiful without makeup. This is the real goal that can be achieved thanks to some tips, often obvious, but not always understood by all women.
Many women still mistakenly think that the trick is the only tool you have at your disposal to be beautiful, every day.
Of course, the make-up is fun , you can indulge their creativity, but it is wrong to think that only with foundations, eye shadows, lipsticks & Co. can highlight her beauty.
We spend too much time in front of the mirror to create for ourselves a mask that makes us feel safer.
Yet we are not aware of what we can be beautiful without.
The beauty soap and water will never go out of fashion and every man he is electrocuted.
Waking up next to a woman who does not totally change overnight is what men secretly trying to share a life .
Try to do without eye shadow and pencil for a few days.

You will improve immediately the tone of your skin , making it brighter.
Here are seven essential tips for looking great without makeup every single day, a guide that explains how to be beautiful even without makeup.
Word of who is writing make-up, with her hair in an onion, jeans and white T-shirt.
Mica Kim Kardashian (from youremailverifier.com).

1. Wash the face well every morning and every evening

If you want beautiful skin you must learn to wash your face well every morning and every evening .
It may seem obvious, but not all women follow this procedure, especially not all you struccano, even mascara, every night.
A huge mistake.
A thorough cleaning will help fight acne and make your skin better, younger and fresh.

2. Use a mild detergent

There are many on the market but not all are suitable for all skin types.
The harder they can make reddish and too dry skin and for this reason it is right to spend maybe a few euro more, but focus on the characteristics of your skin.
Those usually hypoallergenic are ideal.
To really be at the top no makeup this is a perfect method.

3. Use moisturizer

My mom chased me home before I went to school, to put cream on face. And I did not understand.
Now, that in thirty years still ask for my papers in England when I ask for a beer (and not just because they are a meter and a half), I understand everything.
A lot of creams can cause the opposite effect, making the oily and shiny skin.
It can be really difficult to choose the right cream, for that, for once, take a nice trip to the dermatologist who can recommend the best.
It is important that the cream always has at least a 30 SPF protection filter.
The UV rays are the number one enemy of the skin.

4. Use petroleum jelly instead of mascara

I know, it seems a bit ‘weird. Yet the Vaseline is a proven method to have a very similar effect to that of the mascara and open your eyes.
Vaseline is also an excellent cleanser for the mascara, much more delicate than any other makeup removers on the market, which sometimes threaten to break your lashes.

5. Use coconut oil

The coconut oil is the best lip balm on the market.
Most lip balms available in the supermarket contain chemicals that can dry your lips and make them look lifeless.
A bit ‘of coconut oil will help keep lips moisturized and heal sores and dry areas.

6. Do not overdo the care of eyebrows

Of course, you must keep tidy eyebrows, but without obsession, and above all we must avoid forms too thin and unnatural.
Even if you have thick eyebrows , it is not mandatory redraw completely.
The eyebrows are very important to give depth to the look.
The wrong shape makes you immediately less attractive.

7. Eat healthy

The power supply is very important.
A healthy diet is also essential for its beauty.
Try to eat more fruits and vegetables as possible.
There are some healthy foods that give a lot to the skin if you consume regularly.
Healthy eating is one of the most essential tips to follow when you’re trying to look more beautiful without makeup.