6 Kinds of Wedding to Inspire You

Deciding how to organize the wedding party is not something so simple, but it does not have to be stressful. The options are many and dosing these with budget is the secret. There are weddings of all kinds, in the street, in the church, in country places, on the beach, etc. Have not you decided on yours yet? See 6 types of wedding to inspire you!

1 – Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor wedding is one of the main trends in Brazil today. Very common in other countries, this fashion has just started here, but everything indicates that it will stay in fact.
On a farm, ranch, or in a luxurious backyard around the pool, or not. The options are varied and the decoration can play with elements of the environment: plants, buildings, water and lighting.

2 – Rustic Wedding

This is also one of the types of marriage that have become preferred in recent years. The decoration of the rustic weddings flirts a lot with elements of nature and the place chosen for the ceremonies.
For this, you must choose an appropriate place: a farm with old buildings, a wooden chalet, etc. And wood is the main decorative element of rustic weddings.
By using the natural elements as decoration, the ideal thing is that the marriages in this theme are done during the day. But keep in mind that it may be nightfall in the middle of the party and that the lighting has to be adequate with the proposal of the ceremony. For this, warm lights are ideal.

3 – Religious Marriage

Religious ceremonies are still preferred by Brazilians, since most of the population shares religions. The main ones in the country are the catholic and the evangelical.
Opting to marry into another religion has also become increasingly common in Brazil. It’s another trend that has just arrived and looks like it’s going to stay forever. Marriage in this religious theme, has been happening more in beliefs different from those of the couple. Here are some examples.

4 – Gypsy Wedding

Gypsy marriage is full of peculiarity, and even those who are not gypsies can incorporate some of these tendencies into ceremonies. The party is always very colorful, has a lot of sparkle and lots of dancing.
The expression “looks like gypsy marriage” came precisely because the traditional ceremonies of the group are always very exaggerated. If you do not want to overdo it but enjoy a bit of sparkle, incorporate just a few bright and colorful elements into your ceremony.

5 – Pagan Marriage

Paganism is still somewhat misunderstood by Christianity, but the festivals of this religiosity are very beautiful and look very well for those who desire a different ceremony.
Generally the pagan wedding is done in a beach or field, where according to the belief, are the strongest elements of the nature.

6 – Wedding On The Beach

The wedding on the beach is the desire of many couples and can be done in a more deserted beach, or on the beach of your choice, but in low season periods.
Decorating a beach wedding should be simple and light colors are recommended. Here at Dealledlights you can get more different models of the wedding items. This should preferably be daytime because it is a place of difficult lighting installation. The party can be done later elsewhere.
The bride and groom also have to make it clear to guests that despite possible wooden flooring facilities, a wedding on the beach involves sand and the clothes and shoes need to be comfortable.
Different types of wedding can inspire your party, but who makes a good marriage are the emotional ties between the bride and groom and the guests. Always put the affection and love that is in planning the ceremonies and your party will be perfect!