5 Shopping Tips on Sale!

There are few words in this world that I like as much as shopping in LIQUIDATION. Seriously: what woman doesn’t love see this label on top of rack full of dresses-muso in your favorite shop? Or in the shoes you love? But along with that word comes a lot of daily errors and large pierced when you bust a credit card for impulse. So, in this post I bring foolproof Tips how to shop around for bargains on sale for cheap doesn’t cost you in the end huh!

1–Checklist in the closet

This step is very important because when we’re alone in a store full of temptations is very easy to buy more of the same. The tip in this case is take a good look in the closet for about half an hour before you go out and write down what you really need, for example: a good black dress or more stampings, the perfect jeans short… and so on in LocalBusinessExplorer! That way you end up making good buys in the liquidation, replace the parts that are already worn out in your cupboard and invest in new clothes that you really need.

2-define your Budget

Yes, there is budget up for settlement. That way you can establish a goal and know when to stop buying-if you do not resist the impulse when choosing things that need true, at least your Pocket doesn’t end so shorn right?!

3-search for Quality

Enjoy shopping in the settlement to go to stores that are usually too expensive for your pocket. At that time they offer the parts with the same quality and a much lower cost than conventional. Generally look for quality, not just because it costs little you need to accumulate bad parts.

4-Do a good Mix between Traditional pieces and trends

You know when you open the closet and lack that good blazer black or nude pumps? Well, enjoy the settlement for investir in traditional items that can not miss in the wardrobe; After buying everything you really need, make a good mix in search of fashion pieces. At this point it’s worth to invest in a trend that you were afraid but I really wanted to use–low price allows you to dare more in this regard–but only do this after you purchase the items.

5–Calculate the frequency of use

Have an account very easy in the fashion world that defines If the piece is worth relative to your cost, you just divide the value by the amount of times you intend to use the clothes or accessory. For example: a bag of good quality neutral in tone it costs U $250.00–if you’ll use to work at least 3 times a week for the next 6 months gives a total of 72 uses, in fact the bag will cost only R$6,94. On the other hand, a summer dress for the same price, if used at most 2 times a month, in 6 months will cost R$41,66. Understand how this cost x benefit ratio really has logical and must be taken into consideration?
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After all these foolproof tips for shopping in the liquidation, to know which is the nearest mall that will make the famous sale of summer, right?! Here in Santos, both Praiamar Mall as Shopping Pátio Iporanga are on sale from 6 to 8 February with discounts of up to 70%-runs that you can not miss!

And there, learned to shop at liquidation?

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