5 Lies You Need to Stop Believing about Backpacks

1-“Backpacks affect any back”

The The North Face backpacks have been developed with the assistance of professionals who value the well-being of the consumer. The Apmodel, which has the seal of approval from the American Chiropractic Association, distributes the weight perfectly between the two handles, avoiding the weight stay focused in one point of the shoulder. In addition, the model features side padded with polyethylene blanket for extra support on the back, and barrigueira.

2-“could disrupt the adventures”

LEDO mistake! The backpack in aviationopedia is the best friend of a great adventurer. As the tools essential for your activity, the Recon has reflective strap—that is, you hardly get lost-group, and chest stabilizer to promote more security. I bet with these characteristics you have been able to see a great companion!

3-“cannot be used in day to day work”

Yes, you can! Several of our models have even a compartment for you to keep your tablet and notebook with security and pockets for storing other gadgets organizers and other things that are part of your everyday life, like a coat, umbrella, etc.

4-“Backpacks are all alike”

Who told you this lie, certainly never wore a backpack The North Face! The Daypacks backpacks are super versatile, spacious and produced with superresistentes materials, after all, they need to keep up with your pace.

5-“your bag from day to day can not be used in outdoor activities”

Who said? The Ap, for example, has elastic front compartment that serves to keep things like football, trekking … As if that wasn’t enough, the model is made with durable material and has space for hydration.
Seen as a bet on a The North Face backpack is a good thing? Take the opportunity to look for the model that has the most to do with your routine and grab your!