5 Leather Handbags for You Shine in Winter

Winter came and brings with him a lot of elegance. Select 5 leather handbags for you bulldoze more sophisticated season of the year!
Winter is the time known for offering much glamor and style for those who love to follow the new fashion trends. Women in love with fashion world knows that accessories are essential parts to complete a look. A leather handbag is more than a supplement, she brings a unique submission for your visual.
In addition to presenting leather versatility and timeless being, has a perfect durability and combines super with the day to day strong and resistant material is prepared for any eventuality in the change of time. A leather handbag is an investment, since the small handbags and deprived to the largest and most classy. Is a product that you can – and should – risk without fear of making mistakes. She will be your companion for several winters.
We were on page of women’s handbags from our virtual store and made the selection of 5 women’s leather handbags Reliquary for you shine and carve it up in cold days to come.
Check out our directions:
Female leather Renata bag
First, we present the Leather Renata bag! Tote style, she is a practical alternative for you who need to take a lot on a daily basis. The Reliquary of the tote bag version is basic item in the wardrobes of women since the late 60 and is a Joker, which combines with several looks. Made in 3 combinations of leather, with details in Trecê texture contrast with the Fly, the leather Renata bag is an accessory that ensures a touch of sophistication to your look. Available in the colours off-white/Trecê/Chocolate Caramel and Caramel/Brown/Coffee Trecê Coffee.
Leather Mailman bag Renné Jr.
The Mailman style is ideal for you who need to take the necessary and just a bit more … with modern style, it supports those indispensable objects of everyday life. The Purse leather Renné Postman Jr. is available in the colors Black, pine nuts, Caramel, and Coffee Brown. An item that combines several clothes with Joker and occasions.
Leather Mailman bag Lived
There is no thing more winter than fringe, isn’t it!? The Purse leather Mailman Lived brings that classic footprint with lots of charm and lightness to your visual, a sleek model that holds those items needed for a super fun night. Available in pine nuts and Black and also in two sizes: Small, small objects such as cell phone, keys, documents and the Great, to take a schedule, book and even an umbrella average.
Leather bag handbag Squares
To take it all! The leather bag handbag Squares is ideal for people who love (and need) to floor prevented. She has space for everything, umbrella, scarf, vest, calendar, book, cell phone, necessaire, notebooks up to 17 inches, among other items. Perfect for transporting your objects with elegance and personality that just Squares gives. Available in the colors Blue, Caramel, Black, pine nuts and Chocolate.
Luana leather handbag
A handbag essential for day to day! Ideal for professional use and/or university education, she carries notebooks, notebooks up to 14 inches, books, calendar and other essential objects. The stock market of Luana Leather is a classic outfit and super versatile for various occasions and to suit various looks. Available in pine nuts and Black.
These are the tips to get you through winter heated and quite elegant with Shrine. Visit our online store and see all models of bags, briefcases, backpacks, wallets, bags and other Accessories for you to make various combinations.