5 Diy Details in Your Wedding

If you want to leave the marriage with your man, you need to invest in ideas. This post got separated 5 DIY details that make all the difference.
One of the most striking things in a wedding party is how she is, by custom the smaller details. You can have the best interior designer in town, but it sure is your personal touch that will make your event to be memorable.
Of course, the level of customization is greater when the bride gets involved in the preparations and make herself some of the elements of the wedding. That kind of dedication creates a history for the details and make the bride feel even more proud of your big day.
If you are handy and likes to do manual labor (and have the time, of course), please do not hesitate to put his hand in the cookie jar and leave your wedding even more beautiful.
Here are 5 details DIY (do it yourself) easy to prepare and causing a great impact on guests.

Bride’s bouquet

Perfect for those who want to change a little to traditions and still be able to keep that memory forever. Fabrics, buttons and brooches are good materials to make the flowers and details of the bouquet.

Bottom of the altar

If your ceremony is at the party, you have enough freedom to create different décor for your altar. The options are endless, since a curtain of colorful ribbons to lights with different formats.

Table arrangements

A way of getting closer to your guests and even reduce costs with the decor. Wildflowers are beautiful with rustic and origami flowers arrangements give a minimalist air to the environment.

Book of signatures

You can mount a legal signatures following the tips we post How to make a book of signatures in your marriage or assemble a space where the guests leave messages, not necessarily in a book.

Party favors

These treats are a little piece of your wedding guests to take home, therefore, prepare them with great care. Good options are homemade pastries, biscuits or spider veins with seedlings.
And you? How will customize your wedding?