4.4.2 KitKat Android for The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Starts Landing to The East of Europe

A few days ago Samsung released the update to Android 4.4.2 KitKat for your Samsung Galaxy Note 3. They arrive quickly, taking into account the pace of the manufacturers, although we would have liked to come before, but there it is. It’s official, and it is beginning to take on OTA from today itself.
At the moment the only fortunate in Europe are countries of the East: specifically Poland (version with Snapdragon 800) and Russia (Exynos) as reported SamMobile. We are aware that many of us read do it from other areas but it is still a good sign: the Koreans are moving to get it as soon as possible.
What it does again this update? In addition to the changes that brought of by this new version of Android, we have minor changes in the interface. A few days ago Matu told us what brought this new update. Nothing particularly relevant but at least now with the latest available version of the operating system.
According to go coming this update, we will also see how the community will be taking variations of the original ROM with various functions that we never see in the version distributed by Samsung. A choice that many already know, is not particularly complex to set up and which can bring much added value if we like to tinker.
When will it be available in Spain? At the moment we don’t know for sure but it will do so soon. When we have more information we will notify that you run to update, even if you know that the OTA sometimes it is capricious and, even when available, does not arrive as quickly as we’d like.