3d Designs and Software: Your Technology Service

The PD is LED a consulting company LED lighting aims to understand the needs of each client and thus turn dreams into reality. Whether in business or residential projects, we are always in search of news and following the evolution of the world of lighting. To this end, we surround ourselves with all the facilities that technology offers. Our projects are complete, decoration, lighting and developed in 3D technology, allowing the customer the exact notion of the depth of each environment.
Another important tool used in our processes is the software DIALux Evo, German technology and developed specifically for lighting projects. It is the evolution of the program developed by a consortium of 12 factories for lighting fixtures and lamps, which currently has more than 160 members. This software enables the viewing of each project in an integrated manner. It’s as if we were inside the plant, noting details such as the size of the light fixtures, the intensity of colors and, mainly, of enlightenment.
Associated with all this convenience, is the expertise of our consultants. They transform spaces and transposing the benefits of LED lighting project to environments. The work, which is performed in conjunction with architects, engineers and gesseiros, with excellence and a guarantee of exclusive products.

Partnerships that transform environments

A big difference are the partnerships built with over 70 suppliers in Brazil and in the world. The PD LED works with national and international suppliers, making possible the adequacy of budgets and projects. Our portfolio includes hundreds of unique products with guaranteed quality, expanding the creative possibilities of each project.
We work with different schedules and we can tailor to our customers. We take the technology and all the convenience to turn LED quality environments. Schedule a visit!