3 New Inspirations of Makeup for Winter

Inverninho is still with us. For you, here in Brazil, in fact. For me, here in SanFran, only the thermal sensation. Yes, I’m in the middle of summer, but the Californian fog hasn’t been giving a lot of truce and the temperature has stayed at around 15.
And I’m one of those people who is very influenced by climate. Just make a chill I unconsciously, I’m changing the colors in looks, clothes, nails and makeup according to Ehuacom.com.
With that in mind, I decided to share with you three makes are inspiring me in this colder climate. I grabbed everything on Pinterest(already follow me over there?) and I’m going to enjoy the next few days to give go testing and sharing with you there at the Urging and Snap. Bora view?
Skin Nude+Dark Lipstick
I love this game to focus the attention of makeup in a point of the face. That’s why I loved this schema to leave the skin very natural, without much blush or anything and throw a batonzão wine or almost black (for a more Gothic look). To finish, simply perfect in mascara and you’re done.
All Nude+Illuminator
Especially if you are betting in a look with dark tones, it’s worth thinking about using the make to counteract. I loved those references look skin health, and illuminator. The person becomes almost a ray of sunshine in the middle of winter. In the mouth, you can opt for nude tones in matificada version or with brightness.
Eye Brown Smoky Look+Red Lipstick
There’s no way, red lipstick is my friend all the time. Seasons come and go, and he remains my darling of toiletry bag. For the winter version, I really liked the idea of combining it with a lightly smoky look with eye shadow Brown. I think it’s a super harmonic set and measure to go overnight without touching anything.
Want to see more references to make cold days? I rode a dip on Pinterest with everything I’ve seen and liked the most. Everything here.