3-in-1 Jackets for Sports and Leisure

Double jackets – 3 in 1 jackets for outdoor and leisure

What one actually understands under the term jacket? Especially in the cold season, the combination of different types of jacket offers in outdoor use. Here, the concept of the “Onion layers”principle from diseaseslearning has become a common expression. One combines a waterproof and wind-proof rain jacket and an insulating fleece or synthetic jacket to have the appropriate clothing for every kind of weather. Have many outdoor manufacturers have responded to this trend and offer ready combinations of outer jacket and insulation jacket – just a double jacket.

Double coats can be flexibly combined

with a double jacket it is as mentioned, very flexible on the road. On cold, wet days, double jackets worn as a complete system that combines so rain and insulation jacket. In this variation the jackets are, for example, excellent for the next skiing holiday, snow-shoe hiking or walks on rainy days of November. On cold, dry days, which often occur in the winter mountains, can be very good individually pull the inner jacket. Also for cool summer evenings the inner jacket is worn alone a good choice.
It is, however, on holiday in more southerly regions on the way and it is relatively warm and raining, be used only the outer jacket on payhelpcenter.com. Get practical taken three jackets with a jacket so basically at one time – and more cost-effective it simply doesn’t work.

Double jackets are suitable for sport and leisure

In contrast to many outdoor jackets with extremely technical design, the most double jackets are more moderate in their appearance. Thus, you can wear his jacket well in everyday life and for leisure, without attracting too much attention. Through the flexible combination of double coats they can be used in a variety of outdoor activities. You can wear a jacket while hiking trekking tour or go skiing.
Due to its popularity, the double jackets enjoy vintage style, there she is now in a variety of material combinations. There are double jackets that have a softshell outer jacket or be combined with a Hardshell outer jacket. A fleece jacket, down parka or jacket with synthetic wadding can be used as a liner. These different types of materials extends the range of application of double coats. You can buy for every need and every season the matching jacket.