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Sleeping Bags: Selection Criteria

Todo that that mountain you like sooner or later it will end up sleeping in it, and therefore buying a sleeping bag. When it comes that moment assail us lots of the questions: what kind of bag do I need?, with a – 5 ° C it will be enough or I asaré like a chicken?, what are the differences between feathers and fiber?, what is that of “600 cuin”?, etc. Continue reading Sleeping Bags: Selection Criteria

How to Calibrate Your Bike Tires

Contrary to the general imagination, it is the moving parts of our bike that are most important in its performance! It’s no use having a super-exchange, a great suspension, a next-generation disc brake, if our central motion, crankshaft, hubs and wheels are of poor quality. So the first “upgrades” on our thinnings should be the moving parts.

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Geek Decoration

The Geek decoration is a fun and modern way to renew the style of the House of people who like the world of technology, games, comic books, movies and serials. One of the ways to bring pop culture into the home, the Geek table decor is a practical and versatile option to have a lively and full meal of innovative objects without modifying the furnishings.

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