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Image of The Week: Iberia and Samsung Make “Wearables” The Boarding Cards

The news this week throwing Iberia in collaboration with Samsung is very interesting, but we have reserved it us as image of the week because it illustrates the thousand wonders what is the market trend in this 2014.

The main Spanish airline and the Korean giant announced their collaboration to which Samsung on their new devices offer services, among them — including smart boarding card. Continue reading

OnePlus Seems to Be Owned by Oppo to One Hundred by Hundred

OnePlus still remains news after presenting finally officially its first device, the OnePlus One and his strange campaign launch Smash the Past.

However, most curious is the news that now comes from China about the relationships between OnePlus and Oppo, that everyone believed undecided that Pete Lau, former Vice President of Oppo, had left the firm to found OnePlus with a new philosophy; and that the first would be responsible for assembling the second devices. Continue reading

Vodafone Leaves The Terminal Grant to New Customers and Committed to Funding and Repurchase

And as expected, and with one month of difference Vodafone has done so. What was a rumor is confirmed today and the Red operator will no longer subsidize terminals as of April 10 similar to Movistar did.

The strategy to follow now it is no more than one copy of the marked by the ex-monopolio, with a supposed improvement of subsidies for already clients of the British, and for those who want to be it financing and repurchase used terminals. Continue reading

Manufacturers Agree to Improve Their Tools Locks of Their Mobile Devices

The increase in thefts of mobile devices and the pressures of the United States authorities the main manufacturers, American operators and software companies have signed an agreement for improve their burglar tools of their mobile devices.

In this voluntary commitment signed before CTIA by Apple, Asurion, AT & T, Google, HTC America, Huawei Device USA, Motorola Mobility, Microsoft Corporation, Nokia, Samsung Telecommunications America, Sprint Corporation, T-Mobile USA, U.S. Cellular, and Verizon Wireless are committed to: Continue reading

Vodafone Has Four Improvements on Its Mobile Network: LTE, Higher Quality, Greater Penetration and More 3G Coverage Areas

Today Vodafone launched at Mobile World Congress with the intention of talking about real products to use now and has filed new tariffs of contract, an agreement with Visa mobile payments and was the first operator in the world in brand new service anti whatsApp posed by a group of 800 telcos. Services that will be supported according the better connected commitment to deliver the best mobile experience to speak and surf. Continue reading

AUO Has Already in Production The New AMOLED with Resolution Panels 1. 440p

A few weeks ago, JDI presented their new panels of 5.5 inches with resolution 2560 x 1440 pixels, more commonly known as 2K though the term is poorly applied, because this resolution 1. 440p responds to the nomenclature Quad HD (or QHD).

The firm made up of Sony, Toshiba, and Hitachi is not the only to sign up to the jump of resolution, and is that AU Optitronics (AUO) has also just announced the start of production of its first AMOLED panels with resolution 1. 440p, which will have 5.7 and 6-inch diagonal. Continue reading

Joyn Now Available with Vodafone in Beta for Android. Reaches The Operators WhatsApp

The WhatsApp the operators are already here. It is called Joyn, is free of charge (even if you don’t have data rate up to 30 June) and counts with the support of the GSMA which brings to more than 800 telcos that will be able to test new services platform of advanced communications (voice, messaging, and file transfer) between customers of different operators and different terminals next summer. Continue reading

Vodafone Reorients Its Rates by Size: New Rates without Time Limits, Free SMS and Extra Bonuses for Voice and Data

Since Vodafone first launched its rates by size, not have been few updates that have been suffering with the passage of time but will be from April 1, when they will enter into force the innovations presented today at MWC.

Disappear slots in all rates and facilitates control of consumption warning with an SMS when you’re about to reach the top of your rate or requesting to know the minutes, SMS and MB consumed by dialing * 123 # and call key. In addition, they present new Bonds Extra voice among other innovations and maintained as hook the VIP numbers Unlimited Vodafone which effectively increase the minutes included in each tariff since those calls not discounted bond in any case. Continue reading

Windows Will Be Free for All Mobile Devices with Less Than 9 Inches

Microsoft is the company’s most profitable software in the world, and from its dominant position has always been reluctant to lower prices of their products star. However, it seems that everything is going to change in the Redmond company, and is that we have very interesting news coming directly from the event Build 2014 and that, directly or indirectly, affect Android. Continue reading