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What You Think You Need Pixel (C) to Deal with The Surface and IPad Pro? Engadget Android Questions

Last week Google introduced us to their new devices. One of the surprises was the new Pixel C Tablet that Google would try to make their way in the productivity. Xataka Android, we want to know your opinion, and that is why we want to know what you think you need this new device order to compete face to face with the range of Microsoft Surface and iPad Apple Pro. Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Is Already Shown in Images and Video

Tablets are not finished, nor much less, just after a meteoric growth have slowed down their sales as any device with a higher than that of a smartphone replacement cycle would.

What this market needs are quality devices that give a boost to renewals, and that has worked on Samsung with its Galaxy Tab S2 just know, and high-end specifications that approaching the tablet market. Continue reading

Samsung Confirms That The Galaxy SII Will Not Have The Locked Bootloader

Two days ago we did we Supercurio, an Android Developer talks echo, with Samsung on Twitter. As well, as a result of these exchanges of tweets, Samsung has confirmed the community that the Samsung Galaxy SII will bring the unlocked bootloader. The concern arose after this phrase:

The SII Galaxy shows a boot special if it starts with custom ROMs or rooted device. Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy SII Scares in Benchmarks

We have spoken before in Xataka Android results in the Benchmarks different phones and know that normally those scores are relative and have nothing to do with usability and final speed of any device. However, like all talk about numbers, compare and, in other words, “see who has it larger”.

We already knew that the dual – core processor Samsung Exynos that it be mounted Galaxy SII was powerful and would operate at the terminal with solvency, but none expected was that your comparison to others would be so unbalanced. Continue reading

Sony Ericsson Has Released The Bootloader of The Range Xperia 2011

A few weeks ago we launched the news about the promise of Sony Ericsson of unlock the bootloader (main program that loads the entire operating system) of the new Xperia range and that time has just arrived. From XPERIA Blog confirms that is now available, but so far they may only enjoy the privilege of the Xperia Play, Xperia Neo, Xperia Pro and Xperia Arc, that is, I doubt any of you have one right now in your hands to be able to rejoice in the news. Continue reading

Galaxy Tab 10.1, Nexus S, Xperia Play and Optimus 2 X: Vodafone Takes It All

It seems that Vodafone has been the fastest in the class and has been the best in the market since it announced that it will be responsible for distributing these four wonders of technology during this spring.

The best device of all the framed by this news, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, will be available by 349€ If we contract with her Internet rate with you to €39 / month presumably with a stay of 18 months, In addition, for three months only we will find it in their stores. You will see the light in spring. Continue reading

Vodafone UK Confirms The HTC Sensation

In a couple of hours, HTC will do an event in London to present its innovations, but Vodafone UK has been moved forward and announced that evaluating will sell the HTC Sensation, formerly known as HTC Pyramid.

Unknown launch date, price or if Vodafone will have it exclusively. Through the official website of Vodafone confirmed many of the technical specifications of mobile is the last few weeks have been rumored. Continue reading