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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Shows New Interface TouchWiz, East Would Be Its Appearance

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 takes starring rumors for weeks and they are intensifying as it approaches its launch date, scheduled for August 2. It is already practically confirmed that the next phablet of the South Korean brand It will be the Note 7 and not Note 6 as expected, a form that its two star (Galaxy S7 and Note 7) have the same number.

Names to part, the phablet of Samsung is giving much to speak for their possible technical specifications, but in this case the software is the protagonist. The Italian Middle HDblog has posted a video which shows the new version of TouchWiz interface. It is still in beta, but all indications are that it will debut officially with Note 7. Continue reading

Some of The Curiosities of The World Android That Perhaps You’Ve Not Fallen

The original title of this article would be “curiosities of the world Android that can be that you’ve not fallen, or can, but I tell them you like”, but it was too long. The case is that Android and your entire environment is full of curiosities, some tired known, but others may not so.

There are some well known as, for example, that the operating system is called Android due to Andy Rubin, one of the bigwigs of the company, due to He had been given the nickname of “Android”, I hope that in a way loving because but sure gives them a Campion of cyborg amending them the cranial structure. Below we show you some of the not so well known. Continue reading

Developers, Donations and Payment Apps: a Difficult Balance

Android is a huge ecosystem, largely thanks to Google Play, a store that has a lot of applications. One of the biggest attractions of our operating system is that it has an enormous amount of free applications and high quality, especially if we are talking about our device customization.

It gets a little harder when we speak of apps of payment and those that have integrated shopping (additional features, advantages in some game…). The prices are varied and each one has a different opinion about whether or not that amount to pay is fair. Continue reading

Huawei Designer Ex-Apple Hires One to Renew Its EMUI Interface

In a few years, Huawei has gone from being one brand of Chinese smartphones to be placed among the large, literally. The company holds third place just behind Samsung and Apple and passes its next step to strengthen its position by a redesign of its Emotion UI interface.

Huawei proposal in relation to the software is more risky and far from what we know as stock Android, so much that sometimes are accused of too much inspired by Apple. And what they have done to fix it? Precisely because hiring a designer who worked at Apple. Continue reading

Which Way Follows an Update from Which The Free Google Until You Come to Your Mobile Phone?

The Android updates It is that element that many people worry every time. New versions of the operating system, security patches and minor updates to fix bugs… There are so many types of updates that would be almost impossible to cover them all.

Not all manufacturers offer the same updates, or at the same time, or in the same amount, as there are a number of factors to take into account. And is that since Google released an update until you reach the users there are many “red light” by which they must inevitably pass our long-awaited OTA. Continue reading

Android N Developer Preview 4 Some Quick Adjustments Are Not as Fast as before

Who do not seem to useful fast Android settings? You slide the notifications window and in a second you on or off the free Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, put the phone in silence and a myriad of settings more.

As well, the last preview of Android N quick adjustments aren’t as fast as they used to be. For example, by touching on the Wi-Fi icon is not turns on or off the Wi-Fi, but a second screen opens to connect to wireless networks quickly and, Yes, disable or enable the feature. Continue reading

Optimization against Power: The Importance of Balance

Vi years ago an ad of tires that said”the power without control means nothing”, and doesn’t lack in reason.” What serves you a boxer be stronger if don’t know its hits direct? His opponent, more agile and intelligent, will prevent much of the shock, where hit has no defenses and win the fight.

I am not discovering anything new when I say that in the smartphone industry, for years, there’s a specifications war that seems to have no end. More powerful processors, more RAM, screens with higher resolution (the size is very variable, luckily for users), all this is increasing every year and there are no signs that it will end soon. Continue reading

Android Security Rewards Anniversary: 250 Reports of Vulnerabilities and Paid $550,000

Today a year ago Google launched Android Security Rewards Program, as its English name suggests it is the program of rewards in which Google will pay the people who discover new vulnerabilities in the operating system, and on the occasion of its first anniversary, Google has made a review of all data obtained during these 12 months.

In a year, more than 250 vulnerabilities have been reported by researchers, which helped to make the safest Android operating system. More than one third of the vulnerabilities were reported in the media server that has now been hardened in Android N to be more resistant to vulnerabilities. Continue reading

This Is The Android Name N According to The Developer Preview 4

The fourth Developer Preview of Android N is here and we already entered into the final stage before seeing the final version that will arrive in two months, after a final Preview. The system is already very mature (until now has its final API) but there is a problem: We still don’t know his name.

This time Google has been listening to the proposals of users in terms of names, but do not accept more suggestions for a week already. One of the names that are more shuffle is Nutella, but there is nothing confirmed. What we can do is go to the Easter Egg from the Developer Preview 4 to see what says. Continue reading

The Bloatware, That Be Evil Which a Times We Can Be Useful

I already spoke a few days ago about the annoying thing is the bloatware, the problems that can bring us and solutions that may contribute to, where possible, eliminate this problem. However, something often as annoying, there are some advantages that, although they are not abundant, we can not ignore.

From time to time, and in an unexpected manner, We see pre-installed applications that can be very useful to us in our day to day or at specific times, with what it is that not all of these applications are useless. Clear that bombard us with so much bloatware is logical to find something that might be useful. Continue reading

8 New Features of IOS 10 That We Remember to Android

As every year, the Apple WWDC Developer Conference is the setting chosen to present all the news software that will come to the Apple products. In addition to the new macOS and watchOS 3 for Apple Watch, in the event the Cupertino also announced the next major update of its mobile platform for iPhone and iPad: iOS 10.

Although 10 iOS is still in preview phase (the final version will come in autumn), we already know what will be the main innovations that will bring to the platform and many of them remind us of our beloved Android. Apple knows very well who is your competition and IOS 10 are closer still to Android. Continue reading