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Google Maps: Update Provides Route Forecast

Google’s goal is to remove as much work to the users and to provide information already, before this has even asked. The Internet Group with Google now that the user informed, for example, depending on the site about how long he needs the car to work or home made the first step. However, the system provides even more: with the 9.19 of the Google Maps app version, the company according to android police now introduces the so-called driving mode. These are a kind of prediction, on the basis of the previous route and the Web search of user attempting to determine the current target.

Google maps times different from quirky and informative

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Acer Liquid Z630: Price-Performance Blockbuster in the Test

Test conclusion: what you should know

The Acer liquid Z630 is a cheap Android alternative to the similar-sized iphone 6 plus. Display sharpness and case processing are not sharp, but adequate. The equipment can be seen with LTE, dual-SIM, battery and expandable memory. There’s an unbeatable reason to buy: the battery life is record-breaking, nearly twice as long as at the top Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S6. In the test, only the camera was disappointing. Thus the Acer liquid is the first device for less than 200 euros Z630 (Status: January 2016), which in the laboratory test the note “good” achieved. Best price on the Internet: 179.00 Euro * order this product at Amazon giant battery Pro LTE dual-SIM interchangeable memory expandable neat display threesome processor against weak cameras cheap housing Testrating editorial 2,59 satisfying user rating now write a. Continue reading Acer Liquid Z630: Price-Performance Blockbuster in the Test

GSM Codes: Secret Features on Your iphone

Most users use their iphone mainly via the classic settings menu. But it is also different. Apple has implemented some codes in the firmware through their input to get additional information or change settings of the iphone. So-called GSM codes, keyboard shortcuts, with which you call hidden menus reveal even some features that would be otherwise unavailable, depending on the provider. In the phone application, type the asterisk hash codes, and promptly runs an action sometimes is needed before the operation of the handset symbol. As a result of the code input can be set or show your number call diversion. To invoke hidden service menus that only the customer service to see gets,.

Warning: Most of the functions and menus are intended not for the user, but for the mobile operator or service technician. For this reason, only a few codes are publicly documented. Even menus to be some GSM codes call, containing risky functions (as the games on new firmware). Use the code shown here is done at your own risk. Continue reading GSM Codes: Secret Features on Your iphone

Xiaomi Redmi 3: New Details Leaked

After Xiaomi grade 3 presented the Redmi in November 2015, is now already the next Smartphone in the wings: the 3 Redmi that the Chinese group would like to introduce on January 12, 2016. That was announced by the company recently about the Chinese short message service Weibo in the form of two images and revealed first details about the facilities here. Our site is for you the known specifications and all speculation together.

MWC News: the top smartphones 2017

51 mobile phones the main new equipment

5 inch large screen

The images published by Xiaomi according to the installed battery of one of the highlights is the Redmi 3. As with 4,100 milliampere hours (mah) offers a capacity almost twice as high as he of the previous model (Redmi 2: 2,100 mah). The Chinese company revised not only the battery, but also the screen at the Redmi 3: which grows according to Xiaomi compared to the Redmi 2 on a total of 5 inches. This is also consistent with the information of the Chinese regulatory authority, TENAA, that already end of December 2015 under the microscope took the Smartphone. The screen resolution is thus at the Redmi 2 at 1280 x 720 pixels, so that the Redmi 3 mathematically ppi on a pixel density of around 294. Comparison: at the Redmi 2 (4.7 inch) is this still 312 ppi. Continue reading Xiaomi Redmi 3: New Details Leaked

CES 2016: Two New Budget Smartphones by ZTE

The time of big announcements is at ZTE not yet come: before the Mobile World Congress, which goes from 22 to 25 February 2016 in Barcelona about the stage, can be see the Chinese manufacturer of its flagship companies not in the cards. Instead, ZTE presented 2016 new in Las Vegas two affordable devices that sell only American telecommunications companies at CES. You clearly aimed at beginners, who can find a cheap device LTE fast data connection and without frills.

MWC News: the top smartphones 2017

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Lenovo: End of the Motorola Brand Sealed

Lenovo early 2014 took over Motorola’s Mobile Division from Google for $ 2.91 billion, you could hear from the person in charge of the Chinese group, that you wanted not only to protect the brand of the earlier US mobile phone giant, but also strengthen. Lenovo CEO Yang Yuangping was even called the company the Motorola brand. But about two years after the takeover that has probably not apply more: because like Lenovo COO Rick Osterloh in an interview with American website CNET at the technology fair CES (6 to 9 January 2016, Las Vegas) betrayed the Chinese group wants to slowly retire the brand name Motorola.

MWC News: the top smartphones 2017

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Samsung Galaxy J5 in Test: Why Is It So Popular?

Test conclusion: what you should know

The Galaxy J5 offers a good quality given the price. In addition to a 5-inch AMOLED screen in HD is also LTE on board. It wont old Samsung virtues that die out top devices with exchangeable battery and expandable memory. Best price on the Internet: 175.00 Euro * order this product at Amazon Pro LTE, NFC bright, high-contrast display memory card slot battery exchangeable good operating pace ordinary endurance contra no mark of editorial 2.69 satisfying user rating (out of 6 reviews) Samsung Galaxy J5 is larger and better equipped than the cheaper Galaxy J1. Processor and display separate worlds. Design, there are, however, very similar. Although quite attractive the J5 to affect press images, is similar to that at times even the expensive S-class, but in reality, it is a simple plastic journeyman: 7.9 millimeters thick (the camera 8.2 mm) and 143 grams.

The frame: plastic in chrome finish, the back: plastic in plastic optics. With smooth, rather slippery surfaces, you should have no problem. Apart is the processing in order. The keys provide a good pressure point, all edges are rounded off, the display sits without disturbing edge in the housing. Continue reading Samsung Galaxy J5 in Test: Why Is It So Popular?

Amazon Fire HD 8: Handy 8-Inch Tablet in the Test

Test conclusion: what you should know

The Amazon fire HD 8 is a decent everyday tablet at a fair price. The light and thin construction dropped as well as the ease of use and fast Wi-Fi ac. Less well: With heavy use, the battery lasts only seven hours and 45 minutes by that something is in short supply. In addition, the built-in cameras deliver moderate photos and videos. Order this product at Amazon Pro decent image quality thin, lightweight construction storage expandable wireless-ac contra something tight battery life moderate cameras no LTE version available test note of the editorial 3.43 satisfying user rating now assess for many tablet users is a 7-inch device not more than a slightly larger Smartphone. A 10-inch tablet is far too large and heavy others in turn to carry it every day with it. Therefore 8-inch models are compact, handy and equipped with a properly large screen yet the golden mean. As a model, Amazon has now on sale. Can convince the fire HD is equipped with a modified version of Android 8 in the test? Continue reading Amazon Fire HD 8: Handy 8-Inch Tablet in the Test

LG K7/K10: New Smartphone With A Focus On Cameras

LG at CES 2016 its latest smartphones presents: both the K7 than the K10, also consult a young clientele and want to convince with a geschwungeneres design. Price, LG advertises its new units as affordable.

CES 2016: all important innovations at a glance

8 megapixels for Selfies in the K10

LG advertises its K series in the press release as a Smartphone for users with active lifestyles. In Germany you would translate probably this with the word Selfie addiction, but LG is right: with 8 mega pixels, the front camera provides a solid foundation for the next Selfie. (MP) is even a 13 megapixel camera on the back.

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CES: the Tablet and Notebook Trends That Are 2016!

The breakthrough for the Tablet pcs released the Apple 2010 ipad. The portable computers are the everyday lives of many people can’t imagine, no matter, with Apple’s ios or Android and Windows to run. Because the devices paragraph is now stagnant, manufacturers of new equipment working to stimulate the must-have feeling of potential customers. At CES 2016 are therefore increasingly to see tablets with OLED and 4K-Displays and the latest software such as Windows 10. The editorial staff has compiled the Tablet trends for you.

CES 2016: all important innovations at a glance

A tablet to the self build: thinkpad X 1

Lenovo expands its product portfolio: after the Chinese manufacturer in September of last year with the Yoga presented a new edition of his Beamer tablets tab 3 and was shortly to have a convertible on the market, the company in the framework of the CES presents the thinkpad X 1 tablet. Special the newcomer: The Windows-10 Tablet you can extend an extra battery, a beamer with further connections, or a 3D camera via plug-in modules in the blink of an eye. So not enough: On request the user installs a keyboard, so that the Tablet as a normal notebook use can be.

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Alcatel Pixi 3 (8): First Windows Tablet with Built-in Phone and Navi

That all people a small French Chinese manufacturers such as Alcatel at CES 2016 has a world first, would have probably expected none. But in fact that is now presented Alcatel pixi 3 (8) not only a cheap 8-inch tablet with built-in LTE Mobile. But also the first tablet with 10 Windows mobile, the Microsoft operating system, exclusively on smartphones like the Lumia 950 XL to find was.

Why Windows mobile for 10?

No start menu, no desktop apps: the mobile version of Windows 10 provides less functionality than the full-fledged Windows 10, which can be found on larger tablets, notebooks or desktop pcs. However, there are arguments for Windows 10 mobile: for one it works even on slower processors such as the Qualcomm Snapdragon in the Alcatel pixi 3 (8) 210 quite liquid. On the other hand the operation is designed completely for small screens so very comfortable manages the operation on a 8-inch display. The exact opposite to previous 8-inch tablets with Windows 8, where some program menus often only with Lupe and pointed stylus were operable. Vittorio di Mauro, General Manager Smart connectivity at Alcatel onetouch, praising in particular the tabletfreundliche start menu. The third reason: You can make mobile phone calls with the Alcatel pixi 3 (8) (also without headset), so strictly speaking, it could pass for a world’s largest Windows Mobile phone. The integrated mobile wireless module dominated GSM (quadband), UMTS 900 and 2100 mhz and all commonly used currently in Germany of the LTE frequencies. With an appropriate SIM card (microsim) and data plan you can thus also in the Internet surfing. Continue reading Alcatel Pixi 3 (8): First Windows Tablet with Built-in Phone and Navi