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Huawei Mate 8 Will Be Announced on November 26 

We add to the article the first leaked photos of a prototype of Mate 8 entered, probably, within a cover that belie the design that could be certified at any operator. From the picture we can see the fingerprint sensor, circular rather than square, located on the rear, dual LED flash and camera back.

And finally comes an official date for Huawei Mate 8, highly anticipated smartphone being talked about for many months but which has not yet been unveiled by Chinese manufacturer.The time, at least for the Asian market, is scheduled for 26 November, then in just over 3 weeks. There is no confirmation or novelty in relation to the technical characteristics but the rumor until now about this really interesting product: Continue reading

Oneplus Presents On-Guard, the New Insurance Extended to OnePlus X 2

We know that the sector customer care is one of the “Achilles heels” of OnePlus, especially in regards to the first device the company, OnePlus One, there were many complaints about delays, evasive answers and generally after sales experience that left a lot to be desired. From today, against a small surcharge, you can take advantage of a service “premium” which works in much the same way as Nexus Protect or AppleCare.

In Europe it is called On-Guard, and is offered in partnership with the group Simplesurance.You can apply on the device the company’s 2015 — OnePlus 2 and the latest OnePlus X. Is available in two “cuts”: coverage lasting 12 months at £ 39.99 and 24 months at 64.99 €. In this way, the device will be protected from any form of accidental damage caused by the customer or by third parties, from impacts to the water, and promises simple complaint procedures “without worries”. Continue reading

Samsung Wants to the Image Sensor Than Sony Xperia Z5 on Her Galaxy S7 | Rumor

Sony has been working really well this year on the photo sensors in its range “Z5″ Android-smartphone Xperia Z5, Z5 compact and (when) 25 Premium -so much so that it has earned the first place in the ranking of DxOMark. The merit of the performance goes primarily to the new imaging sensor Exmor RS IMX300 from 21 MP (actually comes in widescreen, while 23 are well 25 nominal). Continue reading

Xiaomi Ninebot Mini: a Video Showing How It Works and How You Drive

The revolution of two-wheeled personal transportation for everyone; This is the concept by which Xiaomi presented two weeks ago, the new Mini Ninebot, the strange between two wheels intended to be talked about a lot not only the Asian market, thanks to the investment that the Chinese home made to sense Segway .

The editors of CNET could try it in preview, documenting the driving experience, the extreme lightness in transporting it and at the same time good manoeuvrability and comfort in fly short distances. In his 12.8 kg, Nineboot Mini delivers a top speed of 15 km/h, up to 22 km on a single charge, and 4 hours to restore the autonomy from 0 to 100. Continue reading

Oneplus Has Canceled Its First Wearable Device “Last Minute”

OnePlus is a society emerged almost from nothing less than two years ago that changed many of the paradigms of the mobile market by introducing the concept of “top of the line” at an affordable price. Over the past two years the company has produced only a smartphone, but has also given rise to the creation of different gadgets and accessories, such as power bank, drones, headsets and even software as its Oxygen OS and the recent app Reflexion.

In all this we have two categories of devices yet not explored by OnePlus: the tablet andwearables. The former are currently far from the Chinese company’s plans because the market for these devices, especially if based on Android, continues to crumble in an inexorable making it absolutely impossible to an input in this area at a company like OnePlus that thrives on a very marginal revenues; a mistake too big could jeopardize the entire corporate structure. Continue reading

HTC Publishes a Video Spot Dedicated to the New One A9

HTC One A9 represents your smartphone on which the taiwanese manufacturer stung in the latter part of the year, to revive sales and, understandably, is carried out the marketing campaign dedicated to it.

In past hours HTC posted a video spot dedicated to One A9 which, in truth, using sequences already shown by the manufacturer in the presentation of the smartphone, presented with a different mount, tighter and punchy. Continue reading

Moto X Force Challenge Competition in a Video Drop Test

Moto X Force is certainly one of the most interesting devices presented by Motorola now 2015. Announced exclusively for Verizon with Droid name Turbo 2, Moto X Force will reach our market and will be the first Terminal to fit a shatterproof display Shattershield vouched for well 4 years. Obviously this is what Motorola says, but how the device will behave when subjected to extreme falls? Let’s find out with two movies that we propose.

The first video is a commercial made by Motorola that compares his X Force into a drop test on cement with other popular terminals like Galaxy S6, iPhone 6s Plus, Note 5, S6 Edge, LG G4 and HTC One M9. This movie does not present particularly difficult challenge conditions, except for the extreme hardness of the cement block against which phones will impact in succession. Continue reading

Rumor: $ 520 for the Huawei Mate 8 GB/32 GB and $ 610 for That 4 GB/64GB

There are still just over 20 days to the presentation of the new Huawei Mate 8, the new and highly anticipated top-of-the-House Chinese, but then begin to emerge the first rumor about the price.

As has become customary, it seems that even Mate 8 will come with two configurations, differentiated on the basis of the quantity of RAM and storage. Specifically, we are talking about a basic variant with 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal memory, coupled with a variant with 4 GB of RAM and 64 gigs of internal memory, the latter seen in recent benchmarks. Continue reading

LG Dubbed “Brand of the Year” at the Red Dot Award

LG Electronics has been dubbed “Brand of the Year” at the Red Dot Award, one of the most important global awards in the design industry. With this recognition LG joins other prestigious brands such as PepsiCo, Audi AG and Mercedes-Benz, which were awarded in previous years. In addition, LG is the third company to be appointed over the years is Brand of the Year is Design Team of the Year, an award won in 2006.

The title “Brand of the Year” has been awarded to LG for 13 prizes won in the Red Dot Award in the category Communication Design in the year. The awards include the smartphone LG G4 and smartwatch LG Urban Watch, both rewarded because of the design of their interfaces that shall pay particular attention to the needs of the user, placing it at the heart of user experience. Continue reading

The Kirin Huawei Passes over 950 GeekBench 3 and View All Its Power

If we use a terminology proper to the world of videogames could be called Kirin 950 as the first SoC for smartphones, thanks to nextgen to be presented debut set for late November to Huawei Mate 8.

As we have seen repeatedly in the past, one of the main innovations that will be introduced by Kirin 950 adoption of powerful core Cortex-A72, able to significantly raise the performance of the already excellent Cortex-A57 available today. But how much is this difference? To advise us it is one of the first benchmark of Huawei NXT-AL10, already identified as Mate 8, which allow us to have an idea of the scores that Kirin 950 is able to accomplish. Continue reading

Nexus 5 x

And here we are. With a little later than the American Marketing, since a few days we are using a Nexus 5 x UK that we purchased at € 299.00, list price same as Italian. This is the real successor of Nexus 5 released in 2013 and a product able to convince in many aspects and to please all lovers of experience Nexus. Find out the full review:

Hardware, Materials and ergonomics:

Nexus 5 x is based on the Snapdragon platform 808, one of the most interesting of the year processors because it is able to provide high performance, 64-bit architecture and a set of characteristics that made it one of the smarter choices on some top 2015 range. To help this CPU is a GPU Adreno 418, powerful and capable of running any games or graphics application with no real problems. The RAM to 2 GB and is unfortunately stops LPDDR3 because the S808 does not support DDR4 used instead on Nexus 6 p. Continue reading