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Buying advice bicycle helmets – safety for the head

In my childhood, the use of bicycle helmets among us boys was considered uncool. Carefree and above all “unbehelmt” we came roaring our bikes over the dirt roads and through the woods of my home to Bavaria. In retrospect, I feel the serenity of yesteryear rather than pure carelessness. And fortunately, the image of the bicycle helmet has changed greatly in recent years just under stamp. In the meantime, it is well known that a bicycle helmet can protect the carrier from serious head injuries and saving lives in extreme cases. On the road it looks though unfortunately still somewhat different, but here, too, a helmet is an important protective measure name, which should not be avoided! Especially not from Stylegründen. Because let’s face it: many helmets on the market look really cool. So you know which helmet you you best places to which bike discipline, follows a brief introduction to the colourful world of the bicycle helmet customer.

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Bleed – fair and vegan streetwear from Germany  

The German label shows bleed, stylish everyday clothes can be sustainable and environmentally friendly produce. Finally, only natural materials and recycled synthetic fibres under the sewing machine come with the young company. Thus, neither the environment, animal or even human must bleed the bleed apparel! We felt such a forward-looking brand should not be missing in the online store. In the brand idea of bleed, you can find out more about the eco-conscious label and why some clothing manufacturers of this can cut off a slice.

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Hats for every occasion: women’s hats, women’s hats, ladies of caps

Women’s caps, women’s hats and women’s hats have one in common: the head coverings lend your style an individual look. Caps can be wonderfully with your favorite jeans and shirts combine. Thus, you can create casual and sporty leisure outfits and are perfectly styled for the halfpipe or the movie night. The perfect accessory for your elegant wardrobe is, of course, the women’s hat. Whether the costume or cocktail dress – women’s hats give something your outfit. Another advantage: on hot days on the track, the garden party, or at the Golf Club protect you from direct sunlight. A wool hat is the perfect companion for fashion on cold fall and winter days. Head and ears are optimally protected against cold and draughts. Who understands what by fashion, of course know that even casual styles for spring and summer can be combined with women’s hats. Streetwear fans and fashion lovers come online shop in the trend Factory fully at your expense. The trend Factory offers you stylish women’s hats, women’s caps and hats of women’s trendy fashion brands.

CAP, hat or CAP – which headgear is right for me?

Hats for every occasionwomen's hats, women's hats, ladies of caps-1

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Women’s jewelry – what it means for women

Since the dawn of human history, people with jewelry items adorn themselves. Already thousands of years ago, stressed women with jewellery from bone, stone, animal teeth, shells and beads to their personality and marked their social position. Today women’s jewelry to do so, the personality, the beauty and style serves to underline the wearer. Some prefer something more discreet like it, others prefer extravagant and flashy jewelry.

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Chocks (31)

Well secured with clamping wedges in climbing and mountaineering

, Nuts are an absolute must in the climbing equipment of each sport climber and climbers who want to move not only by bolts to bolts. The practical wedges offer a good way to hedge in cracks. Whether you would like to create an additional fuse in a sport climb between two widely spaced hooks, or completely secures a tour, chocks should always in the harness hang.

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Boulderführer (29)

A Boulderführer shows new problems!

What little pleasant reads in the header, is the primary reason for a boulderer, to invest his precious savings in Boulderführer. Because in these close relatives of the climbing Guidebook boulderers find all information they need to find the best boulders in an unknown area. The climbing routes are located on these boulders are known in the jargon as ‘Problems’ and are exactly what is shown in a Boulderführer.

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Racing shoes (25)

Road bike shoes

, Road bike shoes are click shoes for road click systems, where the main focus is on optimal power transmission and excellent climate comfort is. To realize these properties, the manufacturers rely on sophisticated systems for shoes with stiff soles, efficient closures and functional materials. The shoes for the Shimano SPD-SL system or the look system, with classic three-hole mounting are usually equipped. Rarely, they also have threads for Shimano SPD cleats.

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Softshellhosen (240)

Hard shell, soft core: Softshellhosen

Soft shell jackets have quickly conquered the world of outdoor sports. They are comfortable and durable, at the same time light and air-permeable. Also, they have good thermal performance, because they can reliably protect against wind and hold water. When soft shell: “Jacket as pants!” Softshellhosen share with the material of course all advantages of jackets: they are extremely resilient and provide a high wearing comfort. On the skin a Softshellhose feels soft and comfortable, similar to that of Fleecehosen. In addition, Softshellhosen are elastic, so that one can move very well in them. Its outer material, however, is very robust and resistant. Softshellhosen make a versatile companion you can use fine in mountaineering the combination of these nearly opposite properties.

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Hybrid helmets (26)

Perfect protection while climbing through hybrid helmets

, An extensive climbing tour holds many dangers. Because a good head protection is extremely important, a high-quality hybrid helmet is an essential part of the climbing equipment. No matter whether an accident can rocks, falls or shocks – always happen. Hybrid climbing helmets offer an optimal level of safety the head and make for a successful tour, which will not be overshadowed by an accident.

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Shoe covers (41)

Prevent cold and wet feet while cycling with overshoes

Shoe covers are a small, but effective and practical accessory, these beautify some tour with the racing bike or mountain bike helps. < br / > the feet are an important factor for the regulation of the temperature of the whole body. If you have cold feet, freezes usually to the fuselage. Bicycle shoes in General, but particularly the sporty models of bike shoes and mountain bike shoes with a slight upper made of mesh, have not just a good insulation performance. Since the small swabs made of neoprene or synthetic fibre help, because they are windproof, water repellent, or even fully waterproof and prevent the loss of body heat. < br / > what do know one else to overshoes and should note at the time of purchase, there to read the following.

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Do (11)

With do to the shoe on Winter hike

When the trail is snow-covered or icy, do provide firm grip and footing. Do are a form of crampons, which are strapped directly under the shoe. In contrast to crampons do have smaller teeth, need no special footwear and can attach to any fixed boot if necessary. So can be slippery terrain or icy paths without any problems crossing.

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