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Sweat shirts (72)

The sweater, a convenient and versatile piece of clothing for every occasion

A good sweater has many possible uses. No matter whether for hiking, climbing, at work, or as a comfortable casual wear, a sporty chic sweater is always a good choice. The word sweater comes from the English and means freely translated as much as “Overcoat”. The sweater is a piece of clothing that is extremely popular in many areas since the 1950s. Despite, or perhaps because of its sporty casual style, the sweater has now established itself as fashionable street clothes. In the outdoor area white man him because of his many positive qualities very much appreciate.

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Backup & rappelling equipment

Belay devices and abseil devices

The tube

a backup device is in climbing gear, today and give you. It offers more comfort in handling compared to the assurance with half mast litter and is gentler to the rope. Many backup devices can be used also as a descender.

A wide range of different devices from the tube via the descent until to the semi-automatic machines can be found in us in the shop.

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Alpine Guide (40)

The Alpine guide shows the way

Who is planning a holiday in the mountains comes around hardly buying an alpine guide for the appropriate area. Alpine guides bridge the gap between pure hiking guides and special climbing guides. The classic field guide issued by the respective Alpine clubs and are limited to a relatively small area. Here, this Alpine Club Guide for know but every stone in the name. This alpine guide to selection guide have some competition, published by numerous publishers are and which concentrate on particularly worthwhile objectives in a larger area. Depending on whether you wants to visit an area frequently, or wants to know the whole Alpine arc, you must make a decision.

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Bicycle saddles (22)

Bicycle saddles

On the bike weighs a large part of the body weight of driver on only a few centimetres seat meat. Is so hard to overestimate the role of saddles, the selection of the right model will decide the seating comfort. Longer tours and multi-day activities, the saddle can be crucial to success. Various models set different priorities in upholstery, material and form and are specialized in their respective field of application.

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Armwarmers (27)

Flexible on the bike with Armlingen

Mountain bike, touring bike or road bike: when you’re on the move under its own power on two wheels, small accessories can significantly improve the cycling comfort. A simple heat protection such as a hose band under the helmet, the right gloves, a mask of the storm or the famous leg warmers, Kneewarmers and Armwarmers! Weigh hardly anything, and effectively protect against loss of heat but delicate limbs and joints! < br / > it should go here to the latter – which properties make good Armwarmers, what materials is it else to note it and what gives with the purchase of Armwärmern?

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Avalanche probes (21)

Reliable helper in emergencies: the avalanche probe

, The risk of an avalanche should never be underestimated! Therefore, an avalanche probe (called also probing rod) should be next to the transceiver and the avalanche shovel on ski tours in any case always. Avalanche probes are used for the fine search of victim. It is fast and effective action of the utmost importance, because the chances of survival of a victim already decline dramatically after a short time. A high-quality probing rod can so be to the life saver when the emergency occurs!

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Synthetic fiber sweaters (9)

Top insulated with a high-quality synthetic fiber sweaters

Always if it is chilly, a synthetic sweater is a good choice. Whether climbing, Alpine used or just a Winter hike, a synthetic sweater is very well insulated and keeps always toasty warm. A synthetic sweater can be used as a substitute for a winter jacket. It’s really icy, you can wear it as a supplemental heat layer under a jacket. As lining material, E.g. the Primaloft feeding ensures optimal isolation. The sweater lose so little of their hot holding capacity for moisture. Synthetic fiber sweaters are also true lightweights. Especially when it’s long, complicated tours on every gram, you will know that for sure appreciate. Synthetic fiber sweaters can be easily, have a small pack size and the lining is not damaged even with strong compression. During maintenance, synthetic fiber sweaters show most unproblematic. Are very easy to grow, fast drying and can easily wash into the native machine.

Hard shell helmets (5)

The head is always optimally protected with a hard shell helmet

, The most important muscle in the climbing is the head. Even though this saying sounds now slightly corny, you can deny but his veracity him. Who pays when climbing on protection and security, for which a hard shell helmet is simply. Hard shell helmets protect the head from stone and ice strike especially in the Alpine use, and ensure that the climb is accident-free.

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